Why Do CSGO Players Tilt Their Keyboard: With the rise of Pro Gaming and eSports in popularity, it’s no surprise that many have taken their hobbies to a professional level. Pro gamer a typical abbreviation of professional gamers that take part in a variety of games involving team play and solo play, tend to earn their keep through sponsorship deals or by winning tournaments.

With the monetary value being attached to this digital sporting, it’s no surprise that gamers attempt to go pro by honing their skills. This requires hours upon hours of consistent gaming just like the pros of any other traditional sport. Naturally, like any other sport, certain physical aspects need to be considered while gaming, and these aspects are not just limited to the equipment required but also the techniques that are required. One such aspect is keyboard and mouse position gaming.

Many pro players of games like csgo tend to have a unique habit of tilting their keyboards. Why do some professional csgo players tilt their keyboard? The answer to that is very simple, it’s all because of comfort and keyboard playing speed.

There might be several reasons as to why do csgo players tilt their keyboards. However, the most obvious ones are as follows

1. Keys

Complex gaming involves complex navigation and a lot of struggle. This means that players need to be able to move from one key to the other with incredible speed. The button-mapping in such a case can be complex. Therefore, some players may position their keyboard at a tilting angle that may be more suitable for their gameplay. This tilt allows their fingers to be in the optimal position for reaching more keys. Vertical keyboard for CS GO placements normally give users more freedom to reach the ability specific keys.

2. Comfort

Another reason for keyboard tilting might be the comfort of the player. Comfort is not just limited to the keyboard positioning but also the height of the keyboard and the chair as well as the comfort you have in accessing your external devices.

Playing for numerous hours requires that you are at a comfortable positioning. Sometimes a sideways keyboard can provide the players with a more comfortable angle rather than a straight one. This can be due to their comfort in positioning their hands over the table and reaching the keys. Since Keyboards are not naturally designed well ergonomically, therefore, individuals might take matters into their hands in order to give themselves a clear game space.

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3. Space

The play area is very much important for a professional player. A good chunk of desk space can really aid with comfortable maneuvering. Counter strike global offensive keyboards may come with monitors in varying sizes that can take up a lot of space.

Not just keyboard but also the mouse has to be a part of this desk space. Mouse itself requires a lot of space in order to create its motion. With competitive gaming like with csgo, mouse movement expands in order to freely control movement. Therefore csgo tilted keyboard positioning can really help save desk space and make more space for mouse movement.

4. Size

Just like the spacing, size is concerned with gaming keyboards since the keyboards dedicated to gaming can be somewhat large. A lot of professional gamers and gaming requires well-sized keyboards that need practical adjustments like tilting. This for example can also be a reason why pro csgo gamers may go for a cs go keyboard tilt.


Pro gamers tilting their keyboards can be due to multiple reasons including niche habits to simple comfort. Positioning keyboards at a different angle may affect their game play based upon the external factors that are affecting their level of ease. These angles of tilting may differ from player to player, however; the underlying reasons might be very much similar to one another.

FAQs for Do CSGO Players Tilt Their Keyboard

1. What is a negative tilt keyboard?

A negative tilt is an ergonomic option for typing. The keyboard is propped up from the front by using a keyboard tray so that the pre-existing slight positive tilt that makes your wrist have an upward bend is canceled out. This adjusts to the total shape of your hand and helps with the discomfort of wrist pain that comes with typing for long hours.

2. Is it better to tilt your keyboard?

While there may be several reasons that tilting your keyboard may seem more comfortable for the game play but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s comfortable for your wrists as well. Long durations of using a sideways keyboard can cause excessive strain over your wrists.

It’s better to look for alternative solutions like getting a bigger desk space or getting a half keyboard, losing the number pad, or so on. While tilting your keyboard may not cause immediate damage but it is still stressful for the tendons, fingers, wrists and might end up creating serious health risks in the long run.