Ever had a keyboard that you couldn’t use because the arrow keys weren’t working? It’s not something to laugh at, but it is common problem. What might be wrong and how to fix it? Why Are My Arrow Keys Not Working?

The most common reason for an issue with your arrow keys is when they get stuck under one of the other buttons on your keyboard. They can also just stop responding if there is a hardware problem or if they’re dirty from spilled drinks or food particles. If none of these are true, then there may have been a windows update that caused your computer to change settings, which will need to be changed back in order for the work again.

You may be wondering why your arrow keys are not working. I will explain why are the arrow keys not working and how to fix them and what may have caused the problem in the first place. If this is a new laptop, you should check that your keyboard settings are set up for a PC or Mac. You can do this by going into system preferences on a Mac, or going to the control panel on Windows 10. After adjusting these settings, restart your computer and see if it fixes the issue!

If this is an old laptop with no input from any of the arrow keys when pressed, there could be corrosion buildup under one of the buttons causing it to not work properly. Corrosion builds up over time and causes problems like this so make sure to clean underneath each button every.

The arrow keys and the PgUp, PgDn, Home and End keys are some of the most used keyboard shortcuts in Excel. If these arrow keys don’t work as expected, it can be very frustrating. There could be a few reasons why these shortcut arrows aren’t working properly:

A faulty driver is installed for the mouse or keyboard; A jammed key on your keyboard; The cursor is turned off; Num Lock is activated; Scroll lock is activated; You’re experiencing hardware failure (just replace it); or The obvious answer – the keyboard needs to be replaced.

Why Are My Arrow Keys Not Working In Excel?

Use the following method to fix this problem of why are my arrow keys not working in excel.

Why The Hell Are The Arrow Keys Not Working In MS Word

In order for this to happen, there must be a conflict between the keyboard and your word processor. The easiest way to set a keyboard arrow key is to find a function key in your toolbar and check which direction it’s going in. If the correct arrow key is not noted, you may need to reset or reconfigure your toolbar.

  • You can change sorting methods from ascending alphabetically by letter name (e.g., A-Z) to “ascending” by sequence of insertion on the page or “descending” from Z-A).
  • Then use Shift+Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow Key/cursor keys when selecting text that needs changing for cursor movement in Word Pad Editor App, Microsoft Edge Browser

Why Are Some Of My Arrow Keys Not Working?

Is your Ctrl, Shift, Tab, Caps Lock not working in Excel? If you are using an older version of the Windows Operating system like Windows XP then you have a high chance of your arrow keys breaking down. This is because these shortcut keys were used to replace specific function keys from early versions of Windows OS. So our recommendation would be that if you want a long-term solution then just buy a new keyboard for yourself that has separate function buttons apart from the shortcut keys.

Why Are My Arrow Keys Not Working Window 10

If you are using Windows 10 operating system and facing problems with your keyboard shortcuts, then there is a high chance that your mouse driver has gone corrupt and is stopping the function of these shortcut keys.

So we would recommend you to just update the drivers for your touchpad from the official website of Microsoft and check if this fixes your issue. This usually happens when you install any third-party software on top of Windows OS. So don’t worry about it too much! You can also consult us or get in touch with our experts if any problem persists.

Why Are My Arrow Keys Not Working In Illustrator

If you are using Adobe Illustrator, then the shortcut keys for this software are very different from most of the other applications. You can find a complete list of all functionalities that can be used with these arrow keys here. Commonly used shortcuts for illustrators are C – to create a new document E – Use Eye Dropper tool to select a color Shift+D – to set dash and gap for the pattern F5 – to open the Swatches panel Ctrl+Shift+F – to change your font size/style Arrow keys – can be used for zooming in or out of your document.

This shortcut is enabled by default, but if this is not working then you can activate it by going to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts > Scroll Lock and scroll down till you find “Zoom” and check the box next to “Enable Zoom with Ctrl+Scroll/Cmd+Scroll”.

  • Go to Illustrator’s control panel and select “Keyboard Shortcuts” from the Illustrator menu.
  • In this window, you’re able to look at the shortcuts for all of your tools in one interface.
  • Uncheck any that might be set for Ctrl or Shift, then go up a level and check “Lock Tool Key Repeats” while you’re there (under Keyboard Shortcuts).
  • If neither of those fixes it, try restarting Illustrator while holding down an arrow key on your keyboard – make sure it’s not held down when you restart though!

Why Is Shift Arrow Keys Not Working

If you’re experiencing keyboard problems in Google Chrome, it’s likely an extension is preventing access. To fix this issue:

You’ll need to do some troubleshooting to determine the cause of this.

Some issues include the system keyboard is not enabled, there are no connected devices, you’re typing on an unrecognized keyboard layout, there’s a software issue that needs to be addressed with Windows or another app like VirtualBox or Office (win + R), or something else is not compatible.

Why Does My Alt Up And Left Arrow Keys Not Working Together

It’s possible that your keyboard is not functioning properly or you might have forgotten to press the Shift key before hitting the left arrow.

  • It may be because your keyboard hasn’t been used for a long period of time and dirt, dust, or debris has built up on the keys which would need to be removed before it could work properly.
  • It’s also possible that you’re using an old keyboard and there are inherent hardware problems which make the alt up/down/left/right keys no longer function correctly.
  • Try plugging it into another computer if available or ask somebody else with a newer version of Windows if they can test it for you.

How To Solve Up Down Arrow Keys Not Working HP

  • Open Control Panel and double-click Mouse in the Scanners and other pointing devices category.
  • Click the down arrow keys on your keyboard
  • Under Buttons, tab clicks one of the two available buttons from either of these two dropdown menus: From list, select Preset default for ____. , or From list, select Custom Layout for this device .
  • Apply your changes by clicking OK button near the bottom of the control panel window.

Why Are My Laptop Arrow Keys Not Working Dell Inspiron

One of the most common laptop problems is that the arrow keys are not working. This problem tends to occur when you spill tea or coffee on your keyboard, but it can also happen for other reasons too. The good news is there are a few things you can do to get your arrows back up and running in no time!

You can replace your keyboard keys or entire keyboard with external peripherals or get replacement keys that make it easier to type on the go. Both of these solutions will allow you to work more efficiently and free up some valuable table space in order to do other things while also using your laptop.

Why Are My Arrow Keys Not Working on Lenovo Thinkpad

Lenovo Thinkpads ship with an unusual keyboard layout. To fix the issue there are 2 steps:

You should now be able to use those keys on the left side of your Touchpoint. If you still can’t use them, try rebooting or plugging into an external keyboard if you have one available. That usually does the trick!

Why Are My Arrow Keys Not Working Mac

It could be any one of a few reasons.

It could be because your keyboard cord is loose and you need to wiggle the connections. The cord’s age might also present some challenges for its installation on your Mac, so it would be worth looking into replacing that relatively inexpensive component if possible.

Your Mac just might not have the full version of operating systems that prevent certain keys from functioning properly. All in all, this is likely something where your best course of action is to take your device into an Apple store or Apple-certified technician for diagnosis.”

How To Fix Arrow Keys Not Working Right in Chrome

If you’re experiencing keyboard problems in Google Chrome, it’s likely an extension is preventing access. To fix this issue:

  1. Uninstall all extensions and check if that helps;
  2. If not then try updating to the latest version of your browser software through auto-updates or manually checking online.

The Arrow keys on my laptop are not working when playing games

When we hold down a key on the keyboard for a long time, it can work against us.

Specifically, when you press the arrow keys repeatedly in a fluid motion, pressing them just once will have little effect after hundreds of presses. This is because when an electrical signal moves from one wire to the next and from one contact point to another in a computer’s circuit board-it slows down and dissipates along its path.

Pressing slowly over and over again has less impact because there is no concentrated electrical signal at any point between strikes. To combat this problem, instead of holding each key until it registers with your laptop-half a second or longer-tap that keyboard button at least five times quickly before releasing.

Tab, Backspace, and Arrow Keys Not Working

Tab, backspace, and arrow keys not working how do I fix the problem, I suggest running the Hardware troubleshooter. It will automatically diagnose and fix any problems that may arise in no time! To do this

  • Press Windows + X keys on the keyboard
  • select Control Panel > Troubleshooting from there type “Hardware” into the search bar at top right corner of the window (or use the navigation menu).
  • From the list click the Small icon next to all other categories like Microsoft Office PowerPoint File Format Problems & Other

Why Is the Fn Key Not Working On The Arrow Keys

The arrow key isn’t working because the Fn key is used to activate it.

The fn (function) key can be set to do all sorts of things. It’s often pressed in conjunction with other keys for its various functions. Some keyboards don’t even have an “Fn” button, but it’s usually near “Esc.” So try pressing that button briefly and see if that fixes your problems.


The arrows on your keyboard are the simplest way to move around in any application. If you’re having trouble with scrolling or moving, it’s because there is a conflict between what you need and what the app thinks should happen when those keys are pressed.

This can be solved by reassigning these functions to other buttons on your keyboard (or even mouse). For example, if you want to use your scroll wheel instead of arrow keys for scrolling down web pages, find “control” in the list of options under “Mouse Keys” and click the assign button next to up/down/left/right so they will work as needed.

Why Are My Arrow Keys Not Working? Have no fear, I’ve got a few solutions. After all, there are many things that can go wrong and it may just require some cleaning or adjusting to get them back up and running again! If this doesn’t work for you then maybe its time to replace your keyboard with one from our list – they’re pretty cheap nowadays these days too so don’t worry about spending any money if need be:)