There are many types of switches you can put on your keyboard, but there are two main categories: linear and tactile. Linear switches don’t provide any bump during the keypress, while tactile switches give a gentle bump that lets you know when it has activated. What Are Gateron Switches is one of the most popular switch brands on the market because they produce both kinds. These switches are one of the most popular Cherry MX clones on the market today. 

They were originally designed to be an improvement over Cherry MX switches, but they’ve since become their own distinct switch type with its own advantages and disadvantages. This guide will explain what you need to know about Gateron switches before buying them for your next build! 

Gateron Switches are some of the best mechanical keyboard switches you can buy today, whether you’re looking for a new tactile switch or a linear switch that doesn’t make as much noise as other types of mechanical keyboards. 

 If you want to find out more about these different kinds of switches, keep reading!

Gateron Switches Guide 2022

A Gateron switch is the best choice for people who want that clicky, tactile feeling when they type. They are often used in keyboards because their design offers an enjoyable experience while typing. With other switches, you can still feel a bump when pressing down but it will not have the same tactile action as a Gateron switch.

They are versatile because they do not involve springs or rubber domes. This leads to less noise and more control over whether or not the keys need to be pressed fully for them to activate successfully after being struck upon again following an initial activation of another key on that same keystroke. They also last longer because there is no rubber dome that may detach after 20 million presses 

What Are Gateron Switches

Gateron switches are high quality keyboard switches that are popular with gamers because they are quieter and smoother than Zippy Cherry MX Reds.

How To Open Gateron Switches

The most important thing to note is the direction of the tabs on the top of the cap. They off the cap in an “S” shape, which means that it is necessary for them to press against one another in order for you to be able to pull it out through opposing pressure.

An easy way for you to open your switch easily and quickly is by skipping cutting wires and just pulling the entire casing apart. If done correctly, this should cause all contact pins in their metal caps with just enough force that they will pop up into their respective holes when you release pressure so once again, when opening your switches make sure every pin goes back into its original position when closed when not follow these instructions precisely!

Where To Buy Gateron Yellow Switches

You may not want to buy Gateron switches because these are clones. Clones are a cheaper knock-off of a higher quality product. For example, a clone may be from China and the cloned item is from Japan.

Gateron yellow switches are not easy to buy because they are produced by one of the few manufacturers of mechanical keyboards. Regardless of whether or not clones are better options for buyers or sellers, it’s certain that clones do nothing good for the original manufacturer as they dilute the authenticity of products and contribute to poor consumer choices by providing cheap but shoddy options. 

Where Are Gateron Switches Made

Gateron switches are made in Taiwan, while some Gaterons/Kailh switches are made in China. This is because Switch manufacturer Cherry decided to end producing new model mechanical keyboard keys after February 2016.

Taiwanese companies thus started making their own keys and boards with the same designs as before under different brand names. Gateron switches can still be found on online stores such as from time to time, but it will be less frequent over time.

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How Do Blue Gateron Switches Work

 Blue switches use the same physical structure and signal function as reds (analogous to blue and green gases in a fluorescent lamp). Blue has a higher activation force, which means it takes more energy to reach the “actuation point” where the switch starts sending signals, but this also reduces their chance of an accidental click.

Blue switches were originally designed for typing applications such as data entry because 

  1. They require less travel distance—about 3mm vs 4mm;  
  2. They activate at much lower pressure. They are increasingly popular because the activation force required is easier on your fingers when you need to type all day.

Where To Buy Cheap Gateron Switches

All mechanical keyboards come with different switches, with certain ones being more favorable than others. Choosing the right switch is an important decision since it can affect how pleasant typing feels and what kind of performance is expected 

Fortunately, there are tons of resources on the internet to help with that decision including Geek Hack’s Mechanical Keyboard Guide or Massdrop’s Guide on Mechanical Keyboards. These websites provide essential details for their buyers, such as which switches they should expect and what could be a possible downside for owning said switch.

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How To Tune Gateron Switches

Gateron switches can be tuned by using a tuning weight in order to change the spring force and overall responsiveness in the keys. The tuning weight should not exceed 0.9 grams, and it could potentially cause permanent damage if used incorrectly or excessively.

It is designed with adjustable diameters which comes into contact with an adjustable top plate to tune how much resistance there is when pressing down on the key, thus creating different typing experiences for gamers who type extensively such as programmers or writers. This could potentially help to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome if utilized correctly and sparingly..   It is recommended that you do not use this feature of your keyboard recklessly due to potentially adverse effects.

To level the keys, first remove the keycaps by gently pulling them off to unseat the clips. Once you have unscrewed all of the screws securing either side of your keyboard and popped off both halves, slowly apply equal pressure to both sides and slowly rock back and forth until it feels like they should be level with each other.

It should not take more than about 30-45 seconds to do this as every joint should be stiff enough that it will behave as one solid piece. If your are done leveling right away then flip over your board so that you can screw in those side screws first before putting on those keycaps again.

What Are Gateron Blue Vs Cherry Mx Blue Switches Like

Gateron Blue switches are relatively new switch, made by one company only. The domed design is slightly more tactile than Cherry MX Blues, which might make them better suited for typing on larger boards because it does not require as much force to activate the switch.

The Cherry MX Blue has no tactile bump or “click.” At slow speeds, this can be helpful to avoid tiring fingers, but at fast typing speeds many people need that feeling to know they are activating the key. These springs are compressed ultra-thinly – around 0.8mm – to allow full key travel). That makes them quieter and smoother than other switches (Cherry MX Blues or Gateron Browns), and allows for faster typing.

What Do Gateron Switches Feel Like

Gaterons are made up of 3 different types of stabilizers – clear, white, and black. Clear is linear, white offers tactile feedback when pressed halfway down, with resistance similar to that of the Cherry MX series switches until it bottoms out with a hard reset at its limit. On the other hand, black springs back with force similar to that of Cherry MX blue series switches when it has bottomed out. 

The most notable difference in feel though is between gateron clear and cherry smooth reds – many people preferring the smoother ride on heavily weighted boards found in some games like DOTA 2; while some prefer having two more levels available for actuation (especially if they work with teensy boards).

How To Remove Gateron Switches

Be careful.

The trick to removing the switches correctly is knowing that two of the three tabs are on the top side, and one tab is on the bottom part of this switch. One way around this for those with no experience, which I learned from watching a YouTube video, would be to try turning over all of them until they stop turning since only one will keep spinning. You should also make sure you turn it back onto its original position afterward so later on when you replace it you know exactly how it needs to go back in place.

 A toothpick, relatively short and small. Ideal length should be not long then your thumb. Anything longer and it will simply poke into the rubber dome and then it won’t be possible to pull out the switch anymore. A clear ruler measuring 1cm in length for determining degrees of snugness with an adjustable wrench, T-shaped wrench, or other sockets to loosen pairings tightly around the switch stem base. 

How Long Does Gateron Switches Last

Gateron switches last forever.

Gateron Switches undergo strict production processes on every step of the manufacturing process, so you won’t have to worry about your investment fading any time soon. Ergo’s are also compatible with detachable rubber domes or o-rings of various types to achieve different levels of tactile response, for those who prefer different textures on their keys.

Why Are Gateron Switches So Wobbly

There are many factors- what is the switch in question for again? Are they wobbling when you pull up or down? Are they wobbling in either direction when you press them down to fully depress them? If it is the former, that may be because of general component tolerance.

This wobbliness has to do with the plastic insert that’s keeping the contact in place. Gateron switches are designed with a light spring pressure in order to be less tactile, but this theoretically causes plastic insert wiggle when the switch is pressed. This wobbling could cause contacts that aren’t fully seated to make an electrical connection, which might lead to intermittent keyboard input. But thankfully there’s a fix!

After removing all of the keycaps, use your fingernail or another pointy object to push through the indent in either side of the switch plunger and flick out any debris or dirt that may have accumulated inside. You can also try using rubbing alcohol instead of water if you’re trying not to get moisture into it.

Which Gateron Switches Are The Quietest

 There are a few different ones out there with different levels of quality. The most important thing to look for is the type of metal that was used to create it.

For its pins, Gateron starts with stainless steel processed into 6061-“T6”. This type of steel produces parts that are more durable than other types, but slightly noisier because they have not been annealed at high temperatures.

80% Speed switches are also made from 6061-T6 exactly the same way as their counterparts in Kaihl’s “Type 3” manufacturing process. These switches can be differentiated by looking at what color tops they have on them ̶ these Type 3s usually have black tops, rather than the bright colors.

Brown switches are usually known as the quietest, but they also have a short travel distance. Red and black switches are often shorter and louder.

Mate, from my experience a lot of people just want a switch that doesn’t feel too ‘light’ or tactile – because those types of keyboards require you to press much harder which then makes them louder. The brown ones have the best responsiveness without being too loud.”

Where Are Gateron Switches Manufactures

These switches were originally manufactured by a company called Cherry Corporation. In 2009, the rights to manufacture Gateron switches was sold to Greetech Company of Taiwan. Cherry still owns the patent of these switches, but has no idea what they do anymore and is incapable or producing them on its own 

The inventor and CEO of Cherry Corp., Mr. Kurt J. Lesker, ceased production upon retirement in 1987 at which point he licensed his patents to his former employer Goldtouch Switch Co. Ltd which under their president Terry Pollak moved the manufacturing operations from Pennsylvania to Taipei 

What Are Gateron Optical Switches

Gateron is a third-party manufacturer of an optical key switch that can provide a faster response time than those from some other manufacturers. They have been successful in making the DSA profile, cross-style key switches popular which are often used for gaming keyboards and demanding typing applications. Due to their success with this profile, they aim to make more profiles available including Kailh low-profile switches, and Alps switches. 

There you go! If you do not know What Are Gateron Switches Optical Switches are but you’re wondering what they’re all about now then I am glad to tell you that Gateron Optical Switches are switched mechanisms of optical-mechanical keyboards that have an extremely fast response time

How Do Cherry Caps Fit On Gateron Switches

 Cherry caps are typically denoted by their profile – which refers to the shape of the top housing that slides over the stem. These types of switches are popular because they are very consistent in feel, but may result in some wasted space on your keyboard due to how they’re designed.

Go with a Gateron switch if you can find them and prefer a more spherical-shaped keycap, or if you plan on building a custom mechanical keyboard and need to know what type and size of keys will fit. This is not an issue for stock keyboards like Filco Majestouch 2s, Pok3r Browns/Blues/Grays, Let’s Rests, etc.

How To Lube Gateron Optical Switches

It’s really no different from lubing any other kind of mechanical keyboard switch. We suggest our own methods here, but they’re just one methods out of many, so if you have an idea that makes more sense to you then go for it! Lube a few at a time and test them before plugging the switches back into the board. Make sure they feel smooth throughout their travel and don’t have any clicky spots where they produce a sound on bottom out.

The most important thing is to only apply lubricant sparingly – as little as possible to start with (it’s better too much than not enough).

What Is Better Gateron Switches Vs Kailh Switches

Gateron switches are a far better product in a comparison with Kailh switches.

Gateron switches have undergone heavy testing and refinement since their introduction to the market in 2004. They have been proven reliable, durable, and professional-grade for gaming. The push force is smooth and linear lasting 4x longer than other switches such as Cherry MX (4x longer switch life) 

Kailh Switches also lack quality control that can lead to inconsistency between batches of production; this means the batch you receive may be an entirely different feel from another batch of Kailh Switches sold by a retailer like Amazon. And anything without consistency fails the basic tests for making it a good model for gaming peripherals or keyboards 

What Leds To Use With Gateron Switches

The lifespan of a switch can be determined by the tactile feel of the switch. Linear switches are designed to be quiet, which results in feeling less tactile feedback.

Switches with real bump are more likely to have uneven pressure on the keycaps, causing them to wear out faster than linear switches. Generally, gamers prefer linear switches for their smooth contact between keys and membrane layers when tapping keys quickly. On the other hand, people who enjoy typing enjoy using mechanical keyboards with brown or blue switches that have a short travel distance but produce a loud clicky sound when tapped.

Where To Buy Extra Gateron Switches

The best place to buy a What Are Gateron Switches with a longer lifespan is in the official Gateron store.

However, if you’re looking for a cheaper route to obtain these switches, any mechanical keyboard forum or website that sells keycaps will have them cheaper than the lowest price they are sold at the Gateron store usually. 

There are plenty of places you can buy extra Gaterons. I would also recommend looking on eBay for specific is uniform dealers with a feedback score high enough to guarantee they carry legitimate goods and who will respond promptly when contacted. 

Either way, one thing you should keep in mind is that it’s important to read up on each switch type before ordering, as their all with different weights, shapes, heights and tactile feedbacks associated with them – such as tactility (the amount of resistance felt when depressed), linearity (even with increased force applied whilst pressing down), and travel.

How To Pull Out Gateron Switches

There are two basic approaches to removing gateron switches.

  1. Heat up the soldering iron and use it either to melt the solder that holds one or more of these switches in place or use it to simply melt a hole in the solder joint holding one of these switches. *Caution*: Be careful not to heat the iron so much that you damage any surrounding components. 
  2. If you know which key uses this type of switch, take an X-Acto knife and slowly pry off four sides of its metal bottom with just enough force to pop each leg off until you can access each switch’s screws on 4 corners. Remove these screws with a screwdriver, loosen them just enough for your fingers to operate.

How Noisy Are Gateron Red Switches

Gateron Reds are pretty noisy in comparison to other switches. Not the loudest switch I’ve tried, but not among the quieter ones either. The Cherry MX mechanical keyboard uses plastic keycaps, while the Gateron Red switches use metal keycaps. This makes them noisier than the Cherry MX counterparts.

Gateron’s reds are spec’d for 70cN actuation force, which is heavier than most Cherry MX typist oriented switches (65cN). It takes more force to push down on them, which makes them louder too. 

Which Keyboards Use Gateron Switches

The most popular keyboard that use Gateron Switches is the KBP V60. The switches are rated for 60 million keystrokes, far more than Cherry MX switches which are only good up to 50 million strokes. 

The keyboard also comes in TKL and ANSI layouts, both of them with Keypads on the right side similar to Apple’s keyboards, making it a better fit for people who prefer using arrow keys over WASD when playing videogames.

This is an innovative design for gaming peripheral manufacturers because until now arrow keys have always been placed in front of the central area under the Escape key where most gamers put their thumbs while gaming.

What Is The Difference Between Gateron Blue Red Brown Switches

Gateron Blue are clicky switches with a tactile bump, meaning that they have a bump you can feel when the switch is pressed. However, these switches also produce an audible “click” sound when activated, whereas many other mechanical keyboards opt for silent switches to prevent potential distractions.

These Gateron blue switches were designed primarily for gamers who need to be able to respond quickly. These keys offer less travel distance than some of the other options on our list which ultimately makes them faster in response time.

Gateron Brown are linear switches that require barely any pressing force at all—in fact, most people don’t get any feedback until they release their fingers from the key after pressing it down completely. 

The original Cherry MX switch, the Red switch is linear and has no tactile feedback. A user can continue on top of it without realizing they’ve hit the end of the keystroke. It’s ideal for gamers because you don’t need to find and hold a spot on the key where you want to stop typing since there is no bump or “click” at the bottom of the stroke.

How Grams Of Force Are Needed For The Gateron Brown Switches

 The Brown Cherry Silent series were the first switches to use the Gateron technology. A large, 60g weight is used to produce a force of 55g on the shaft, for a total of 115g. This produces an audible tactile “bump” that most typists find easier to recognize than lighter switches.

Where To Buy Gateron Switches

Gateron Switches are easily purchasable on eBay, Amazon, or AliExpress. Both vintage and modern build styles are available. Essentially any Cherry MX style switch beside the Cherry MX Black can be ordered

Warranty is not included with Gateron Switches shipped internationally due to difficulties in tracking down buyers for warranty replacements.


What Are Gateron Switches are a great alternative to more expensive or difficult-to-find Cherry MX or ALPS switches. They can be found on many keyboards and mice, which means they’re readily available for purchase. When selecting your keyboard switch type, it’s important you understand the difference in performance between linear and tactile models as well as their varying degrees of actuation force needed.

Choosing the right one is crucial for achieving peak typing speeds!  In this blog post we’ve given you some insight into how different types of switches work, what makes them different from each other, and where they’re most commonly used. 

 If you are looking for a guide to help you choose the best mechanical keyboard switches, this is it. But ultimately, your personal preference should determine what type of switch will be perfect for you. No matter which one you end up picking, we hope that our advice in this article has helped point you in the right direction!