If you’ve just purchased your new wireless keyboard, you begin to wonder How To Use Wireless Keyboard With Laptop. Although that seems like it’s a challenging job for anyone who has never attempted that before, it’s straightforward to know how to connect it.

This article will teach you how to connect a wireless keyboard to a laptop with Bluetooth and without Bluetooth and start using it immediately.

How To Connect a Wireless Keyboard To a Laptop?

While cabled keyboards in which you just connect a keyboard and start typing, it’s a little different to connect a wireless keyboard. There are two popular methods to link your computer to a wireless keyboard that uses the same wireless receiver, or by using Bluetooth. If you are thinking of how to connect wireless keyboard dell, you can check for these connectivity options.

How To Use Wireless Keyboard With Laptop?

It’s much easier to attach a wireless mechanical keyboard with the receiver. If you decided to buy a wireless keyboard that connects through a receiver, the package comes with a wireless keyboard, a receiver or receivers, batteries,    Software (typically downloaded or on a Disc), and a Manual or guide from the manufacturer.

Once you are satisfied that you have everything on the wireless keyboard, start to connect the laptop or desktop to the wireless keyboard. You can also get the answer here for how to use a Logitech wireless keyboard with a laptop for writers. The following are the steps to connect a wireless keyboard.

1. Setup the keyboard

Because the device you are assembling is wireless, so they do not have power like wired keyboards get from the system, and that is why they need battery cells.

Flip the keyboard over and detach the cover from its battery compartment. Now Install batteries in the battery compartment the way indicated. If the keyboard comes with a charger before proceeding, make sure it is ultimately charged.

2. Place the receiver

Begin by connecting in the unifying receiver to one of the USB ports on your computer. Usually, It is a tiny USB dongle physically attached to the laptop, which enables the computer to interact with the wireless keyboard. These USB receivers do not have any problem of interference, but if you are using other receivers, make sure that they are placed 8 inches further from possible signal interference things.

3. Install the software

Nearly all new devices provide associated software which needs to be activated. This software includes drivers to instruct the computer’s operating system how and when to operate with the new devices.

The software created for wireless keyboards varies greatly among manufacturing companies, so verify for particulars or instructions which is included in your purchase.

That being said, All installation software is usually relatively simple: Insert the CD or DVD into the laptop. The program to be activated would open immediately. Alternatively, some software has to be downloaded from the official site of the producer. Implement the directions precisely as given.

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4. Connect The Receiver To The Laptop

Lastly, connect the USB connector at the end of the receiver into an available USB port at the side of your laptop, with your device switched on.

Once the receiver is plugged in, your machine can start configuring the equipment for your device to use. When the initialization is finished, a notification similar to “The new hardware is now ready to use” would usually show on the computer. This process is also an answer for how to connect a wireless keyboard to mac as it offers a connection without any Bluetooth.

Now that you know using a wireless keyboard with a receiver, now we will show you how to connect wireless keyboards without the receiver.

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How to Connect a Wireless Keyboard With Bluetooth?

Suppose you are thinking that how to connect the keyboard to a laptop without USB, this is your answer. Many wireless keyboards offer Bluetooth pairing options for the keyboards. You can simply pair them and start using keyboards.

This Bluetooth method can connect any device that supports Bluetooth to the wireless keyboards. So if you are thinking about how to connect a wireless keyboard to a ps4, you can easily do that with Bluetooth.

Connect Wireless Keyboard With Bluetooth | Step By Step Guide!

Connecting laptops with Bluetooth is not a cumbersome process. There are hardly any steps to link a wireless keyboard via Bluetooth to your laptop.

Begin by using the power button to toggle your wireless keyboard. If it is already on, switch it off and on again so the machine can quickly find it after that follow the below steps to get to how to connect Microsoft wireless keyboard

  • Click on start either by pressing the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of the screen of your computer or by hitting the Windows key on the button of your laptop.
  • In the bottom-left corner of the desktop window, press the Settings button. This is after the Power icon, the second click.
  • Press the button the Devices option, once the Settings screen appears.
  • You are going to navigate to another page with a few tabs on the left: Tap Bluetooth & Other Devices.
  • Toggle on the Bluetooth connectivity of your laptop by pressing the button called ‘Bluetooth.’
  • Click At the top of the screen on Add Bluetooth or other devices.
  • Another dialog box with three options will show up. That is Bluetooth, Wireless display, others. Tap on Bluetooth.
  • The laptop will then begin scanning for near-the-area Bluetooth devices. Because your wireless keyboard is powered on as well, the laptop will find this. Tap on the name of the keyboard and afterward Pair it. Or else it does not start to turn off and on the keyboard again as the laptop recognizes it. Mostly for your laptop to attach to the wireless keyboard, you would need to enter a PIN.
  • If the pairing is complete, you will be able to use your wireless keyboard. You can start using your keyboard. If you want to know how to connect hp wireless keyboard to the laptop, you can do it using the same method.

Can We Use Wireless Keyboard For Laptop?

A wireless keyboard is the same as a wired one. Because it sends whatever you type to your computer wirelessly just like a standard wired keyboard. The big difference is that it uses batteries, which need to be replaced every so often. Your laptop also needs to have Bluetooth connectivity or WiFi capabilities in order for the wireless keyboard to work. Wireless keyboards are not essential but may come in handy. If you want more flexibility and don’t always need an actual physical keyboard on hand.


Connecting a wireless keyboard is not that difficult. If you know what you have to do, the steps are straightforward o follow. We carried this guide to help tou out with connecting a wireless keyboard; we hope that you find it useful.

The wireless keyboard is a great tool to have in your arsenal for when you need to be more mobile and still want the functionality of a full-sized keyboard. You can use it with any laptop or computer that has Bluetooth capabilities, making it easy to switch between devices if necessary. With this nifty little device tucked into your bag, you’ll never miss out on an email again!