The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console that can be played on the go with its handheld screen, or in front of your TV when you get home. But how do you use both the keyboard and mouse on it? This blog will show you how to make this happen!

We’ll start by setting up our computer for the Nintendo Switch. First, we need to download an app called RemoteJoyLite. After downloading, plug one end of your USB cable into your PC’s USB port and the other end into the left side of your switch (the game card slot). Next, open up RemoteJoyLite and click “find devices.” You should see two options: “NintendoSwitch” and “RemoteJoy.” Click on “NintendoSwitch.

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The Nintendo Switch is a powerful gaming console that can be used as both a handheld and a docked console. Even though the Nintendo Switch has been out for only one year, there are some things you might not know about it. For instance, you can use your keyboard and mouse on the system.

How to connect and use them with your system so you don’t have to carry around an extra device just for playing games on your Switch! It is important to note that this won’t work for every game since developers may choose not to support keyboards or mice in their games. Nonetheless, if they do then this isn’t something that should go overlooked!

Nintendo Switch in TV Mode

  1. Plug your USB cable into the left side of your Nintendo Switch and plug the other end into a USB port on your PC
  2. Download an app called RemoteJoyLite. After downloading, open it up and click “find devices”
  3. Next, select “stream” if you want to use only the mouse, select “keyset” if you want to use both the mouse and keyboard or select “full” if you want to share your laptop’s entire screen with the Nintendo Switch
  4. The IP address of this device will be listed below the selection box. After finding it, copy it into either an email, web browser, or another form of message.
  5. Next, select “share” if you want only the mouse or “share entire desktop” if you want both the mouse and keyboard
  6. Select “start-server”
  7. Wait for your PC to tell you that everything is connected before opening up your game of choice on the Switch. Once again, make sure that this game supports keyboards and mice!
  8. The IP address of this device will be listed below the selection box. After finding it, copy it into either an email, web browser, or another form of message. Then open up whatever game you want to play with a keyboard or mouse!

How To Use a Keyboard and Mouse on Nintendo switch Fortnite

A lot of people are wondering how to use the keyboard and mouse with Nintendo’s new console, the Switch. There is not currently an option for this type of input, but it will inevitably happen at some point.

How To Hook Up Keyboard and Mouse To Nintendo Switch

  1. Now download the Switch FreeNX client and install it on your computer or laptop (make sure you don’t turn off your switch).
  2. Hook up one of the USB cables (which should come with your keyboard and mouse) from the computer-side USB port to the Nintendo switch power socket
  3. Now plug in any wireless receiver or Bluetooth dongle which comes with your wireless keyboard and mouse respectively into a spare USB slot on a PC running Switch NX.
  4. You’ll be prompted by a screen on pc screen asking if you want this device as a target – click Ok and it will search for the Switch.
  5. Once the software is installed, make sure you go to settings and click save/load state before quitting out of the app.
  6. From now on when you open up NX Client it will automatically use whichever profile was last active in that program (to avoid any conflict) so just hit command+N on the keyboard to load it back up.
  7. Once NX Client is running you can hit F6 and it should toggle emulation of a second screen which can be useful for testing settings etc
  8. If your keyboard isn’t detected at first, make sure your Nintendo Switch’s WiFi or internet connection is turned off as this can sometimes interfere with the receiver.

How To Connect a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard To a Nintendo Switch

Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on. Start by connecting the wireless keyboard to its power source (make sure that all other devices are off during this process). Next, find the connector for the mouse and plug in one end of it into one of the four input sources on your console.

Then, take out another longer wire with two connectors at one end-the first connector should be plugged into a USB port (preferably close to where you’ll be playing), and then just use whatever free port you can find for the second one. Lastly, turn on any device that needs power before plugging them in!

How To Use a Keyboard and Mouse on Nintendo Switch Using USB

Connect your keyboard to the right side of the Switch by using a USB-A female to USB-A male adapter. Connect your mouse, then plug into that same adapter. Note that if you are connecting more than one peripheral (such as both a keyboard and a mouse), you will need to use an extension cord. If not, plug your earphones in this port too.

Your TV remote should be able to turn on your TV or soundbar so long as they are close enough to it for its infrared signal’s bounceback – if not, use Bluetooth pairing instead. On Nintendo Switch, touch screen plays host mainly for motion control inputs so it is best for exploring worlds without the cursor getting in the way of where you are.

How To Use Nintendo Switch Pro Controller As Keyboard and Mouse

To use the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller as a keyboard and mouse, it is necessary to configure some settings for Joy-Con or NES applications. The steps to do so depending on which console you are using:

For Windows 8 and newer operating systems, simply turning off “Allow mouse mode” in the system settings of the device by going: Settings -> Devices ->Mouse & touchpad settings will disable cursor movement through inertia, and Touchscreen mode is now suitable for Keyboard Mode.

On older Windows versions such as Windows XP, follow these steps: Open device manager (Find Device Manager in the Start menu) Find “Mice and other pointing devices” Right click your mouse driver Click Properties/Drivers Ta dab!

How To Use a Keyboard and Mouse On Nintendo Switch Without Adapter

Nintendo’s Joy Con controllers are designed to be used in each hand, so if you’re playing alone you have two options. You can turn the console sideways and use just one JoyCon controller, or you can play multiplayer games with another player using both controllers.

The good news is that it needn’t be too complicated setting up multiplayer games. Just slide each controller into its own dock, open the Nintendo Switch software on your mobile device or computer, pick start gameplay at any time for anyone, and away you go!
If you want to use a keyboard and mouse on Switch without an adapter- not recommended- because all of the buttons are crammed together making it difficult to hit.

How To Connect Keyboard And Mouse To Nintendo Switch No PC Screen

Answer: For many reasons, you can’t. But if it’s for a specific reason you want to use the computer, there are few options remaining. You could set up an ad-hoc WiFi network on your Nintendo Switch and connect your Mouse and Keyboard to that. It’ll also require installing some sort of Bluetooth adaptor on the PC side though, which might complicate things more than is worth it.

How To Use a Keyboard And Mouse on Nintendo Switch Warframe

You can hook up a keyboard and mouse to your Nintendo Switch for easier control. These peripherals are an option if you want to take advantage of the game’s higher controls.

The switch needs to be connected to the tv with HDMI, then you need to connect your PC’s keyboard and mouse using USB cables. A headset is also needed so you can hear instructions from the command center or headquarters. Connecting these three should not be a problem if it is plugged properly into the back of the Nintendo Switch dock.

It should work without any hassle at all, but there have been cases in which players would experience some lag because they have headphones on while playing so unless this will interfere with other players it should be fine.

What adapter do I need for the keyboard and mouse on the Nintendo Switch?

A Nintendo Switch dock is required to use any accessory (including a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard) with your Switch. You can purchase one here. Make sure you buy an official dock! There are many unauthorized third-party docks that may not work accurately even if they seem like they would be compatible. Be careful! Good luck!


One of the most common misconceptions about Nintendo Switch is that it does not support any type of mouse or keyboard input. This blog post will explore how to use a keyboard and mouse on a Nintendo switch by connecting them through an adapter, called Nyko’s Wireless Gaming Receiver for Android TV. The receiver plugs into the HDMI port in your television set-top box and connects wirelessly with both devices via Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

You can then connect USB mice or keyboards using its two available ports (one USB Type-A connector and one micro USB). Let’s take a look at how you can navigate around games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe while playing with these peripherals!