If you are an avid gamer and would like to utilize your PC at its optimum potential, How to Reset Corsair Keyboard it is highly recommended that you use a Corsair keyboard and mouse. They allow you to record key combinations in order to perform certain actions in-game such as attacking or defending, using certain weapons, etc. However, they can only function to their full potential when your computer is running truthful-to-type drivers without any issues. You may find that your Corsair keyboard or mouse might not be responding on your computer due to missing or out-of-date drivers which may be stopping it from working properly. If this is the case for you, please follow the helpful tip below in order to download relevant drivers for your keyboard and install them today.

Steps On How to Reset Corsair Keyboard Not Working

Before diving into the troubleshooting suggestions we’ve designed for you today How to Reset Corsair Keyboard, make sure these steps are covered.

Wired Keyboard: It’s important that your laptop is plugged into a working power source and that the USB port you have plugged it into does not need cleaning.

Wireless Keyboard:

Check the batteries in your remote and change them if they’re dead.

Note: If your keyboard isn’t working, the first thing to do is check your computer with another keyboard. If that works okay then you’ll know there’s a problem with the USB connection or your computer doesn’t recognize the device. It’s either an issue with the operating system or a bad USB cable.

Option 1: Reset the Corsair Keyboard

The Corsair keyboard with Cherry MX RED switches comes with a built-in reset button. To reset the keyboard, follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn off the keyboard and unplug it.

Step 2: Press the ESC key or switch off the corresponding “active” port of your computer.

Step 3: Don’t release if a wired keyboard is used, for several seconds (10 to 20 should be enough).

Note: If the reset is successful, then you will see lights flash on your keyboard. This means that the reset was successful. Alternatively, if it doesn’t seem to have worked, you might want to try again.

Option 2: Update the Corsair Keyboard Firmware

Troubleshooting the Corsair Keyboard error may involve updating its firmware. This step is easy to do, but it can be tricky if it’s your first time flashing a keyboard. Here are the steps How to Reset Corsair Keyboard:

Step 1: Connect the Corsair keyboard to your PC and navigate to the Corsair website.

Step 2: Click here to download the latest version of the Corsair issue. The download file is 456 MB in size.

Step 3: Click on the Settings tab then under the Player section, click on the button that says Add to Chrome. Afterward you’ll find it in your browser under “Other apps”.

Step4: Next, choose your keyboard from the list and click on the Update button. This process may take some time to finish so we recommend you don’t start any other software or applications in the meantime. Once your update is finished, restart your computer to check if the Corsair Keyboard issues have been resolved.

Option 3: Update Keyboard Drivers

The final option after resetting and updating the firmware is to update the keyboard drivers. This can be accomplished by any of the three methods listed below:

Method 1: Use The Corsair Official Website

How to Reset Corsair Keyboard The Corsair official website has a lot of resources. There are updated drivers available for download, but first, you have to know the model and version of your keyboard’s hardware, otherwise, it is possible to search on their website. Once you find what you’re looking for and complete the download process, follow onscreen instructions to install the respective driver.

Method 2: Use The Device Manager

How to Reset Corsair Keyboard Microsoft’s inbuilt device manager is known as the Device Manager. It can automatically detect hardware and present updated, compatible drivers on Microsoft servers. To learn how to use this utility navigate the following steps:

Step 1: Press Windows + R to open the Run Box on your PC.

Step 2: Type “devmgmt.msc” in the text box and press OK.

Step 3: A new window will open, which lists all the drivers installed in your system. Scroll down until you find Keyboard and then click on it.


Step 4: In the dropdown under the keyboard, select Corsair Keyboard, and make a right-click to open the context menu.

Step 5: From the Context Menu, click on Update Drivers and follow the onscreen instructions

Method 3: Use Smart Driver Care

There are plenty of tools and methods available for updating keyboard drivers. One such tool is Smart Driver Care, which can update your PC’s drivers automatically and help fix any outdated, missing or damaged ones. Here’s How to Reset Corsair Keyboard & how to use Smart Driver Care:

Note: The basic version of Smart Driver Care will update only two drivers every day, whereas the premium version can update all driver issues on your computer at once.

Step 1: Download and Install Smart Driver Care on your computer from the official link provided;

Step 2: Once the application is installed, you need to double click on the shortcut icon to open it.

Note: You can click on the button to purchase the software and register it if you want to obtain additional drivers.

Step 3: Next, click on Scan Drivers to initiate the scanning process.

Note: If a product is alleged to have been defective and/or caused property damage, no matter who made the product (Corsair, another manufacturer or even the user) then you should contact an injury lawyer. An injury lawyer will help you through this difficult time and right your wrong.

Step 4: Once the scan completes, Smart Driver Carewill display a list offound drivers in your computer thatneed to be updated. SelectCorsair Keyboard from the list and click on the Update button to download and installthe latest updated drivers.

Smart Driver Care can be used to fix all devices’ issues automatically and in one go, in case you have the PRO version.

Step 5: Once the process completes, check your Corsair Keyboard to see if it works fine

Wrap Up – How To Fix Corsair Keyboard Not Working?

How to Reset Corsair Keyboard? It is a great keyboard that includes an assortment of gaming specific buttons for easier use during multiplayer game sessions. The additional benefits associated with this feature will only be functional if the drivers are installed on your system. If these drivers aren’t up to date, it’s possible you won’t be able to use the extra features at all when using this keyboard with your computer. The best resolution to fix many computer problems is to make sure you have safe and stable drivers installed on your PC with the aid of Smart Driver Care.