Are you looking for the guide that How To Remove Keyboard Keys Safely? Here we will discuss each factor and gie you safe methods. The keyboard is one of the peripherals that suffers the most, throughout the hours that you spend upon your computer.

Other than the mouse, it is one of the utilities that we mostly interact with during our time when we are working, playing games, or even simply browsing. That is to say, our constant usage of this particular device is bound to cause it some damage. The damage varies from wears and tears to having unnecessary debris accumulated at the bottom of the keys.

Whilst the first issue might not be completely resolvable but the latter sure is manageable. From dust to dirt, bits of snacks to hair; a little cleaning under the best keyboards keys could easily help in extending the life of your computer. Though you cannot just simply tug the keys with a pair of pliers and fix the keys back in. It requires delicacy and a realization of the fact that your computer deserves patient maintenance for a long-lasting relationship.

How To Remove Keyboard Keys Safely?

It’s fairly advisable to know a few methods on how to remove the keyboard keys using safe and secure ways. A little effort in removing the keyboard caps and cleaning under them can help you return your keyboard into top condition.

Let us discuss a few safe and sane methods to remove the keycaps and improve accessibility

How to Remove Keycaps?

When it comes to removing keycaps, the method is fairly simple and cheap. There are both, household items as well as specialized tools available for usage. Though every item as some pros and cons and a variation in results that are produced. By following the below method you can easily reach the point of how to safely remove keys from a keyboard.

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Household Items

When it comes to household items, there’s a number of things that can we use, varying from a butter knife to simply a key. The trick is to use any flat object that is thin enough to fit under the edges of the keys of your keyboard. Providing enough but not excessive force will help you easily pull off the key from its switch. Remember to be gentle and not blatantly use excessive force in an attempt to pop off the key. Things can be done gently if you remain patient.

What you have to do is,

  1. Begin by taking a deep breath
  2. Take the flat side of whatever thin household object that you plan to use, whether it is a blade from a pair of scissors or even a small screwdriver.
  3. Fit the flat side under the tip of your keycap’s corner.
  4. Apply pressure, slowly but steadily until the cap pops off from its switch

Using household objects can be cost-effective and simple but it might have a few downsides. This downside may include the risk of cutting or scratching the cap, especially if you are using a knife. This method is more effective over older mechanical keyboards, it’s better to use specialized tools when it comes to an expensive and new model of keyboards.

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Specialized Tools

Looking for a safe and hassle-free method on how to safely remove keys from a mechanical keyboard?

The most preferred method for keycap removal is by using specialized tools called Keycap pullers. You can already guess the function of these tools by name. As the name implies, these are special objects that are specifically designed in order to remove keycaps without damage.

These specialized tools come from various designs and varieties. Two of the most utilized designs are

These are the most commonly used keycap removal tools that can easily fit around almost any size and style of a keycap. You can simply lift the tool with light pressure after fitting it around the cap and it will easily dislodge.

These are more custom-designed tools that are fit around the edges of the caps and you simply have to squeeze the puller whilst applying upward force until the key dislodges itself.

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Useful Keycap Pullers – Best Choice!

Whilst looking for Keycap puller make sure to check different varieties out there based upon your preference. Some of the best ones are:

Stainless Steel Combo Keycap Puller

Ability to remove 3 keycaps and even keyboard switches at the same time, a multi-purpose tool for disassembling both keycaps as well as switches.

Qisan Keycap Puller

Inexpensive and effective tool to remove up to 3 keycaps at the same time. Compatible with most of the mechanical and non- mechanical varieties.

Hapurs Cleaning Tools Bundle

A multi-featured tool with a keycap puller, brush and an air blower that allows you to easily dislodge the keycaps while using air blower to blow off the debris and brush to clean the dust.

How To Remove Shift Key From Keyboard?

Keys like shift key or space bar that vary in size compare to the other keys, need extra caution whilst pulling off. The larger the key, the more prone to breakage. Using specialized tools is the safest method for these keys, as household items tend to be more damaging to these keys especially. On the off chance, if you must use household objects, it is advisable to not use too much pressure, especially from the sides as it might cause the key to break into two halves.

Tips On How To Clean Keyboard Keys

Once you are done selecting your tool of dissection, you can turn towards maintenance.

There are a few effective tips that you can keep in mind while doing so.

  1. Make sure to remove the keycaps gently and keep them in a safe place, don’t rush things. Taking time might not cost you as much as damaging a keycap would. Make sure to draw a layout of the keyboard beforehand so that you don’t have issues whilst reassembling it.
  2. Other than keycaps, make sure not to damage the key switch that is under your key cap, a damaged key switch can practically render the whole key useless and might even make your keyboard unusable until it’s fixed.
  3. Be very much aware about the pros and cons of the cleaning product that you want to use. Remember not to use water or other liquids to clean your keycaps and switches. If you still want to use them for your satisfaction, then minutely dab a cotton piece in water or liquid and make sure it is in minimal possible amount. Using a cotton swab is better than using a handful. Though dry methods of cleaning are still more advisable as chemicals or liquids may cause discoloration or electrical damage.
  4. Don’t use pressure on the keycaps or key switches whilst cleaning, make sure to use gentle methods such as blowing or dusting. Pressure to the keys can be damaging even if you find it appealing to clean thoroughly.
  5. After you’re done with the cleaning, it’s time to reassemble the keycaps. Keep the layout reference that you made in front of you. Remember to put back each key as gently as you took it off. Keys might break if you’re too rough in putting them on too. The simplest method is to position the key and press gently until it lodges itself.

Whether you intend to remove the keys for the purpose of cleaning or for any other reason, make sure to be gentle and patient with it. Hasty work won’t just damage your device but it will also cost you.

Can I Safely Remove Keyboard Keys?

It would be unsafe to remove keyboard keys as they are an interface component that can easily malfunction, become sticky or even break if they’re not permanently attached.

If the keys need to be removed for some reason, such as repairing a spill on top, wiping off dust and gum from underneath, then you should always replace them once you finish. Otherwise, the keyboard will eventually not work properly and start slowing down – which could lead to problems with cracked or broken keys leaving fingers exposed.

So make sure any repair tasks like these are done carefully and take your time doing it! The first couple of times I’d recommend you ask someone who knows how just in case you need help or guidance – but ultimately it’s up to you whether or not.

How Do I Remove And Clean Under My Keyboard Keys?

If you have the patience, time, dedication, and ability to clean your keyboard on a regular basis then flooding them with water would not cause any issues. Just be careful not to stand or walk on the keyboard while it is wet because you could end up ruining it faster than before putting the water on there.

As for wipes of some sort, if they are wipes that can get disinfectants in them then they may be able to kill bacteria on top of removing dirt from accumulated below on or around key areas of your computer peripherals. These are my thoughts but I am no expert on this matter so do some research before considering testing it out on your own keyboard firsthand without consulting someone who knows more about keyboards and computer cleaning in general.

Can You Remove Laptop Keys For Cleaning?

The process for cleaning laptop keys is to use an alcohol swab with soapy water. Alcohol removes greasiness and soapy water removes dirt. The process for installing laptop keys replaces the adhesive holding it down, typically with glue or double-sided tape–which never hold as well as the adhesive originally used.

You can’t just put a new key into place without respraying, because the old adhesive may not be strong enough to hold it in place, and if you just spray on some new adhesive without any live surfaces available your key will droop under its own weight (I made this mistake myself).

Alternatively, you can remove the entire keyboard (neither good nor bad), clean every single individual key by hand on( a flat surface, and then lay the keyboard back down on top of all those keys–which is a bit ridiculous unless you have some good reason. Most people want to replace only one or two individual keycaps because they are worn out or damaged.


To sum How To Remove Keyboard Keys Safely up, it is advisable to look up a few references on how to safely remove keyboard keys before you attempt to pull it off. Maintenance of your computer can help you elongate its performance and putting some time in searching for methods of maintenance can help you avoid mishaps.