CS: Go might seem like a simple game for starters but as you venture upon the details you’ll find out that it’s actually quite strategic and requires a lot of training. Professionals tend to have no issue while smoothly gliding through the maps and they might appear naturally adept to it. This of course has a lot to do with their training and practice for hours but it also has a lot to do with how and what keyboards they tend to use.

CS: Go professionals often tend to use mechanical keyboards that are much more responsive compared to your normal keyboard. These CS GO Pro Keyboard Layout allow them to access their inputs more precisely. Moreover, their mouse sensitivity is top-notch to access all the features smoothly.

The average sensitivity is the number you get by multiplying the mouse DPI and the in-game sensitivity which is 875.4 eDPI. Pros tend to use the CS: Go pro sensitivity 400 DPI between 1.5 and 2.0 in-game sensitivity. Of course, this is not to say that the devices they tend to use are the only reason for them being pro but they do give them somewhat of an advantage over the other.

Mechanical keyboards for CS: Go pro

Mechanical keyboards as mentioned before are much more responsive and precise compared to other keyboards. Though that is not the only reason they are famous. A huge reason is a fact that these keyboard layouts are embedded with switches that can really work up to your preferences. Ranging from tactile switches to silent switches, you can choose multiple arrays of options in order to get the fullest out of your computer keyboard.

CS GO Pro Keyboard Layout

Doesn’t necessarily need the macro buttons or special add-ons so you might not necessarily need a keyboard with a lot of features just a Numpad would be handy if you like to buy binds. Though, if you want to consider otherwise then a tenkeyless (TKL) model is recommended since a smaller form factor can save space and increase portability.

CS: Go keyboard setup

CS GO Pro Keyboard Layout inputs and setup are some of the more important settings that need to be paid proper attention. Considering this is a high paced competitive game you need to go all out with using all the advantages that you can in order to succeed. In this case, most people turn towards using binds and switches.

Obviously set keys for set actions may differ from player to player as they should customize them according to their levels of comfort but having the right key binds on your keyboard and mouse is a necessity for pro keyboard layout CS: Go.

The perfect layout will not ease up your level of play but will also let you use the combinations for your best. This also means that there is not just one single set key or combinations, there’s no wrong way to use your keyboard or mouse. It just simply depends upon your comfort as a player.

Input Guide For CS GO Layout

However, when inserting key inputs you should follow the following guidelines for better input

  • Turn on the raw input so that your mouse movement aligns with the movement on the screen
  • It’s better to turn off mouse acceleration since it may mess with your aim while you’re making fast movements. However, some players tend to prefer keeping it on so it’s more of personal preference in this case.
  • Using a single key bind for each one of different utility so that you can have them in hands within less time can save you from being caught off guard. Therefore use a single key in order to get the exact utility you want without losing time while scrolling through. Moreover, it’ll save you time in case you don’t have the utility that you want to use since you have only one key therefore if you press it and it doesn’t change then you’ll automatically know that you don’t have that utility.
  • Do not choose a weapon with your mouse wheel while fighting an opponent, you’re bound to lose. Disable mouse scroll bind and use the keys on your keyboard for weapons. This will save you from being killed over a long time that it takes through the scroll binding.
  • With a gaming mouse, you can have sets of extra keys that you can use to your advantage so in that case you can bind those for utilities that are easiest to reach. Of course, they are unassigned by default so make sure to assign them according to your advantage.

In the end there is no one way to get the best keyboard setup for CS: Go. The keyboard set up and layout should be minimalistic and as accessible as possible. Massive boards can actually be detrimental not just to their performance but also due to them not being sturdy and portable. Make sure that your get a keyboard that you can use to the advantage of your gameplay and key bind according to your own dexterity.


I hope this article has been helpful in providing you with a better understanding of CS GO Pro Keyboard Layout. It is my goal to help people understand the world and make it a more enjoyable place for everyone!

The CS GO Pro Keyboard Layout is an interesting layout for people who are serious about playing the game. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re looking to improve your skills and have a more efficient way of communicating with teammates, it may be worth trying out.

If you want to learn more about how this keyboard layout can help or if you just need a new one altogether, we recommend checking out our guide on gaming keyboards here! That should give you everything that you need from finding what type of keyboard fits your needs best to learning how each key functions in-game.


How do you Key bind in CSGO?

The command you use in order to like a console command to a key is known as a bind. Soon as the key is pressed the command is executed. In order to bind keys to a certain command, you can use your console ingame or .cfg files outside the game.

For in console, open the console (~) and use the bind command

Syntax: bind

For commands that have a variable or space, enclose them is double quotes

Syntax: bind t “command with variable/space”

You can also chain commands by separating them with a semicolon

Syntax: bind “;”

How CS: Go pro setup keyboard?

CS: GO pro players setup their keyboards according to their levels of comfort. Going for precise and reliable inputs is a configurable option that is available to CS: GO players. This is possible through the customizable configuration of key binds that can be used according to their level of ease. For proper keyboard, setup pros tend to configure their own binds onto the keyboard layout.

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