Are blue switches good for gaming? A common question asked by people looking to buy their first mechanical keyboard. Blue switches are not the best choice for gaming, but can be better than any rubber dome keyboards in some situations.   Blue is the color of the switch stem, not the actual keycap on top of the switch itself which are usually black.

Out of all the switch types, blue switches are the most tactile and loudest. Tactile means that you can feel a bump or a click when you press down on a key. Blue switches require more pressure to activate which makes it not as good for gaming compared to other type of mechanical switches such as reds, browns and blacks.  

These Blue switches aren’t the best for gaming because they usually have a large amount of tactile bump which can really throw off your aim in first person shooter games like CS:GO and other fast paced competitive multiplayer shooters. Blue switches are not good for playing mobile games either, or any other game that you don’t want to accidentally press any buttons.

However, blue switches are good for typing because you don’t have to press the keys all the way down to activate them. Blues are not ideal for gaming because it is very easy to accidentally press keys while playing. This might be bad when you need to hold certain buttons at key moments or in hectic situations. It can also slow down your reaction time because you’re waiting for the key to activate before doing your next action.

Are Cherry MX Blues Good For Gaming?

The Cherry MX Blues are just like any other cherry mx switches. They have a tactile feel, yet they’re still linear. This means that you don’t have to bottom out on them in order for the keystroke to be registered. Although these keys are linear, they do feel like Cherry MX Brown switches, which also provide tactile feedback.

This leads to the first point about gaming with this switch: The travel distance is perfect for gaming. Because you don’t have to bottom out on them, your hand won’t fatigue as quickly as it would if you were using the Cherry MX reds.

Are Blue Switches Good for Gaming Cherry MX Blues are the perfect choice for those with a lot of typing needs that also want a tactile feel alleviating fatigue from contantly using one set of fingers on keys.

This is because the CherryMX Blue switch has a heavier actuation force with an audible, tactile bump before it engages completely and is released and returned to its original position (this feature can be modified by reducing the interval between two keystrokes) which provides more comfort at the high end of pressing their keys.

This contrasts sharply to simple linear mechanical switches or membrane ones which both provide less feedback; people looking for more “feedback” in their input will come to appreciate this quality very strongly. 

Are Blue Keyboard Switches Good For Gaming?

Blue keyboard switches are known for having a long keystroke with high resistance. These same properties can be desirable in most gaming keyboards because it makes the keys less likely to mis-click and think that you’ve hit one when you haven’t.

A blue switch keyboard is a “tactile” or “clicky” keyboard. This type of keys makes a physical clicking sound when you press down on them – the sound you make when typing quickly on a keyboard. For gamers, this is advantageous because it gives players auditory cues in addition to tactile cues when they are playing games with quick key commands.

As such Are Blue Switches Good for Gaming, many gamers prefer these switches to the more popular red membrane or black mechanical keys which do not offer as good tactile feedback or protection against accidental key presses. This isn’t to say that blue is the only switch choice out there, however – some people even take it into account whether they prefer linear or tactile bumps on their keys before making their preferred purchase decision!

Are blue mechanical switches good for gaming?

Blue RGB mechanical switches have a shorter actuation distance, require less force to activate, and provide smoother feedback than other mechanical switch types. For people who use buy keyboards often in search of personal comfort no matter at what price point, this makes blue RGB mech switches an ideal choice because they feel great to type on and offer consistency without the fussiness of Kailh or Gateron.

Another point worth considering Are Blue Switches Good for Gaming is how durable blue RGB Mech Switches are when exposed to contaminants like dust or liquids since these elements can cause electronic circuits within traditional clicky switches to malfunction. While any mechanical switch can be destroyed by liquid or dust, blue RGB mechs have been rated as being significantly more durable than other types of switches.

The clicky sound produced by these key switches also makes it easier for people to become immersed in a game since they aren’t worried about making too much noise or disturbing others who might be in the same room.

Are gateron blue switches good for gaming?

 Gateron switches are a brand of Cherry MX-equivalent replacement keycaps manufactured by Gateron. These are just as good for gaming as its cherry equal, and they have identical durability too.

Gateron blue switches are great for both typing and gaming, though their light actuation may take some adjustment for people who play a lot of competitive shooters like Overwatch that require quick responses. They’re smooth to press down with less force.

Many people say the Gateron bump is just right–not too hard or stiff but not so soft that touches are lost. With this variety, more “clicky” sounds are heard when each keystroke is made, which some designers believe can improve typing speed by making keystrokes easier to find visually without looking at one’s fingers on the keyboard.

What Switch Color Is Best For Gaming?

A gaming switch has a phosphorescent coating to make the key stand out from its background, rendering it much easier to find without looking.

A red switch is typically for gamers who want less resistance and speed. Blue switches are better for those who need tactile feedback as their fingers reach each key. Brown switches are best for those with coarser pokes because they have the strongest resistance but offer moderate speed.

Black switches usually have medium resistance and medium speeds, so they’re good for most people. Clear switches provide no tactile response at all–they’re primarily designed for typists or touch-typists rather than speedy game players.

Grey switches are a hybrid switch, providing a good response and speed. They’re very popular among the professional gamers since the keys have been designed with help from professional players.

In order to avoid any confusion, it should also be noted Are Blue Switches Good for Gaming? that there is no such thing as an ‘MX Green’–the tactile feedback comes from Brown switches, but the letter ‘G’ is added to denote their green color.

Are Blue Switches Good For Osu?

Gamepads like the Xbox 360 controller don’t use switches to register input, instead they use something called analog sticks. Consequently, clicking the thumbstick registers an input.

Blue switches are designed to provide a strong tactile feedback. This makes them good for playing rhythm-based games like Osu!

Oversensitivity is unlikely with blue switches because the distance required to register an actuation is so great, but people with poor motor control can find themselves experiencing unintentional panning due to overshoot. Because of this large actuation height, these types of switches rely on making contact across their whole surface area in order to register input registers whereas other switch types only require limited engagement between two points.

Their sheer size and long actuating length makes them easy to use by even those who have difficulty finding stable finger positioning or large amounts of dexterity. This makes them the best choice for those with poor motor control as they can be used accurately by simply resting a finger on or near the switch and hitting it as though it were any other button.

Why Are Blue Switches So Loud?

Blue switches are louder than other colors because there is more kinetic energy in each key press. Laser microphones cannot detect signals if they’re too soft. So the blue button was engineered to produce a loud, clicky sound at 1200 cpm to let the computer know when it has been pressed.

Many people like to call blue switches “clicky” and find the sound attractive. Others find it louder and more annoying than standard switches. The difference is that blue switches use a different type of rubber plunger that makes contact with the metal contacts of each switch simultaneously, which causes them to make a clicking sound.

Are blue switches good for fortnite?

That depends on where you play.

If you’re using the standard keyboard without any allowances for macros, then it’s easy to see Are Blue Switches Good for Gaming that there are some serious difficulties with “shooting” and any action that requires precision targeting (there are no extemporaneous buttons). The lack of physical location at which to touch your finger means fast clicking or accurate touching will be near impossible.

Even if you use a macro program like TNL, the whole game is built around keys which can be pressed once per second at most – many players now have 60+ keybinds they must memorize in order to continue playing competitively. 

Now if they ARE using a gaming mouse with lots of extra proximate buttons, then it

What is outemu blue switches?

Outemu blue switches are a low-profile tactile switch for keyboards with a 10mm travel distance and a 2mm total body size.

Hailing from Taipei, Taiwan’s Minwa Electronics Corporation, Otemu Blue Switches are the worlds’ first magnetic emmission keyboard switches that utilize a capacitive touch sensor. The patented design of these switches is made to function as an mechanical on/off switch, as well as have the capability of being magnetically shut off without any additional components needed.

Are Blue Switches Good for Gaming This design provides immense benefits in space savings by eliminating needs for rubber membranes or dome caps which take up space under the keycaps and require extra cables for reporting this input time press event back to your computer controller.

By relying on magnetism, the switch is made to take up less space while being able to save on components. This leads to an overall small form factor keyboard design that can save costs in manufacturing costs for your next mass produced product!

Are outemu blue switches for gaming?

Outemu Blue switches are not designed for gaming and in most cases, gamers report that they bottom out and require a lot of force. Across the board, they are not actually for gaming. The level of actuation force is rather high with at least 60g in most cases and it makes sense for this to be the case since the manufacturer is targeting gamers with an interest in macros who would want low actuation forces. 

Are Blue Switches Good for Gaming Outemu Blue switches offer an adequate balance between tactile feel and clicky feedback, so they’re perfect for personal users who spend most of the day tapping on their keyboards or people with limited desk space because it’s physically smaller than most other linear key switches. They may also be ideal for typists who don’t want to feel an actual key when bottoming out. 

What Switches To Avoid For Competitive Gaming?

Avoid switches with built-in hardware diode. Built-in hardware diodes are solder “dead shorts” that impede the signal’s flow by preventing the circuit from closing properly. They’re notorious for unintended side effects like double inputs, sporadic keypresses, and delayed activation of alt keys. If you’re experiencing any of these ghosting problems, I recommend trying a keyboard without a built-in hardware diode.

One of the most important factors Are Blue Switches Good for Gaming when making a competitive switch for an eSports gamer is responsiveness. There are tons of choices in mechanical keyboards, but some tend to be better than others in this category.

In general, clicky switches tend to have a low response time and can therefore be preferred by gamers. Some other good options for gaming switches include the Cherry MX Red and the Topre Realforce in order to avoid unwanted keyboard movement.