There are many Best Wireless Keyboard Mac Mini HTPC out on the market, but one thing is for sure – they all suffer from the same problem. There is no official wireless keyboard available for purchase. They do come with some sort of remote control, but it’s too basic and not very flexible to use as a “remote” for your laptop or desktop computer outside of its intended media center functions (which isn’t very good either).

Wireless keyboards are an essential accessory for anyone who has a Mac Mini. They allow you to type on your computer without the hassle of getting tangled in wires. Wireless keyboards come with different features and it is important that you pick one that suits your needs best.

Top 7 Best Wireless Keyboard Mac Mini HTPC In 2022

Logitech K600 TV is the only keyboard for your living room. With Logitech’s superior wireless design and connectivity, you get fast-paced enjoyment without any interruption. It goes where you go, with virtually no drop-offs on 15 meters of wireless range that lets you enjoy uninterrupted control on your TV, Windows or Mac PC or Android or iOS mobile devices while watching great content like movies (pause them with one touch), control the volume (or mute it altogether), adjust screen brightness and more—from anywhere in the room!

Not to mention all the productivity shortcuts which were specifically designed for easy input with your smart TV’s remote on one integrated keyboard—no more hunting around for your phone when what you really want is to skip ahead 5.

Logitech K600 TV – TV Keyboard with Integrated Touchpad. From the creators of wireless keyboards and mice, Logitech presents a new way for you to make sure your favorite show is on without missing any important tweets. This keyboards features a keyboard designed specifically for use with smart TVs to navigate all your viewing content from one device. Easily switch between apps or play and pause movies by pressing media keys that are right at your fingertips. No more scrolling over menus- simply hit the app button that’s right next to what you want.


  • All-in-one content navigation

  • 15-Meter wireless range

  • Reliable wireless connection

  • Uninterrupted control

  • Media keys to play and pause movies, control the volume

  • Adjust screen brightness


  • Touchpade is not enough good

Whether you are an ordinary video game player or a professional gamer, this keyboard will satisfy your needs. With Rii K18 Plus Wireless 3-LED Color Backlit Multimedia Keyboard with Multi-Touch, you can make full use of the touchpad and backlight multimedia buttons to control your games. The waffles connection is stable no matter how fast the keystrokes are. There’s also Shortcut function for quick access to Music, Movies, and Games functions (The media sync which could be launched by pressing FN+Q).

This wireless gaming mouse is perfect for both android TV box/smart TV/pc/android/windows mac os tablets and android phones users! No need to deal with messy wires anymore! Save time.

Rii K18 Plus wireless multimedia keyboard is the best solution for people who are sick of tangled up cables or staying next to their laptop. With 3 colors backlit keyboards in red, blue, and green light to keep you comfortable with different backgrounds, this keyboard is handy with its enormous Multi-touch 10M touchpad that makes the mouse more accessible everywhere.

This monster also comes packed with 12 multi-media-related shortcut buttons that are molded into an enticing gamer design. For those of you still not convinced by its amazing touches, it has a long battery life with plug n play technology, which means even your crazy-ass cousin could hook it up without an expert installation.


  • Wireless 3-Colors Backlight keyboard

  • Multi-point function Touch keyboard

  • Multi Media buttons as shortcut keys

  • Wireless connection keyboard

  • 12-month warranty


  • Ergonomics are non-existent

Rii 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad is an excellent companion for your tablet or phone when playing games. It’s just the right size to use with its built-in touchpad and has a full QWERTY keyboard that lets you type, play, and do just about anything you want without having to hand it off to someone else in order to get your message across. With a 360-degree turn design on the touchpad and round colors on the left and right side of the keyboard, it’ll be easy to find what you’re looking for without overcomplicating navigation.

Give your guys a hand, guys. The Rii 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad is the solution to transcendent thumb-twiddling and touch screen typing limits alike comes housed in a space-saving body that’s designed for navigating with ease on one of those ever so tiny mini-screens.

Especially when it comes with built-in high-sensitive smart touchpads at both sides of the keyboard for optimal movement without limits, flip design 360-degree rotation ability, and intuitive Bluetooth pairing technology so you may enjoy using this mini wireless keyboard android anywhere no matter how large or small the environs are.


  • 4GHz Mini Wireless QWERTY keyboard

  • LED backlit with USB interface adapter

  • Mini wireless keyboard

  • Built-in high sensitive smart touchpad

  • Rechargeable lithium battery


We know you’ve been looking. All of your favorite TV is on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Now – but they’re hard to watch when you don’t have a reliable way to type out all your hilarious comments in the app. Plus, Rii 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad has convenient hotkeys that give you easy access to popular media sites like YouTube and Google Play Music without having to leave what you’re doing!

Rii makes it possible for you to get the most out of your time on social media channels while also watching Star Trek or Game of Thrones whenever the mood strikes! You can even use our ergonomic design’s wrist rest feature after scrolling through everyone’s photos from last night’s party!

Whether playing games, surfing the web, or typing documents – your joysticks and keyboard are great for fast-paced game controllers. The mini Bluetooth receiver is built to work with iPad, PlayStation 2 consoles, smart tablets, and other devices. A backlit keyboard makes sure even in complete darkness you’ll never lose focus! At less than 5oz this wireless remote is lightweight enough that it goes wherever you go.


  • Mini bluetooth keyboard remote

  • Backlit keyboard with touchpad

  • Handheld keyboard rechargeable

  • Portable QWERTY keypad


  • Constantly using the battery even when not used

The Logitech K830 is a keyboard that lets you type with ease in all lighting conditions – simply put, it never gets dark! It combines the functions of your mouse and keyboard with easy to reach controls. The perfect addition to your living room experience.

“Great for typing in the dark or your living room! The Logitech K830 offers a backlit keyboard with a built-in touchpad that lets you browse from your couch or bed. With an easy-access control button and long battery life, it is the perfect accessory for any TV enthusiast! Get one today!”

The Logitech K830 is a premium backlit keyboard that lets you type comfortably in low-light conditions. Its cushioned palm rest helps you type more comfortably, while the illuminated keys are easy to see, even from across the room.

The K830 streamlines navigation in the living room by combining these two devices into one device. It also features an integrated touch pad with gesture support for easy web browsing and media control. You can even pair it with up to three compatible Bluetooth devices at once so your family members.


  • Easy typing, even in the dark

  • Keyboard and mouse all in one

  • The K830 streamlines navigation

  • Bluetooth Smart technology

  • Easy-access controls

  • Worthy of the living room

Do you want to be able to use a keyboard and mouse on your TV? The iPazzPort 2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse Combo is the perfect device for anyone who wants to control their TV from afar. It’s compatible with Android TV Box, Raspberry Pi, HTPC, XBMC, PC, laptop. No need to keep a full sized keyboard and mouse connected! This advanced RF technology delivers anti-interference and reliable connection with USB receiver plug and play. Use it up to 30 feet away!

You can easily input text into search bars or browse the internet without having to deal with touch controls that are difficult when using a remote control. With this unified keyboard/remote combo you can also play games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja in style!

This mini wireless keyboard comes equipped with an RF receiver to provide you uninterrupted distance up to 30-ft (10 meters) away from your HDTV without any interference like other keyboards. Giving you increased flexibility over other similar products that lose their connection if they are out of range by 5 ft (1 meter). Enjoy hours of typing without interruption!


  • No need to keep a full sized keyboard and mouse connected

  • Advanced RF 2.4G wireless technology

  • reliable connection

  • enjoy up to 30Ft operating distance

  • Support AAA battery

  • easy to install

  • Use it to easily input text

  • low cost, high quality wireless


  • Difficult to type with your right hand/thumb

Play your favorite games in the living room or bed with this versatile, multifunctional game controller and white backlit wireless keyboard/mouse combo. With D-pad control and long-range operation, you’re ready for all kinds of gaming.

The 2.4GHz wireless connection via USB receiver (plug and play) provides a reliable connection up to 10 meters away from the gamer console or pc, while the white backlit keyboard ensures ease to use when hanging out in low-light settings. This 3-in-1 combo is perfect for gamers who love both great controls and a comfy typing experience!

The Rii Multifunctional 3 in 1 Game Controller is a new edition to the same promise that all of our products have been, which is the best gaming experience for professional gaming. Described as “a life-saving device,” this controller has some amazing features. In addition to being a dual-function game controller, it also doubles as an ergonomic wireless keyboard with a mouse for computers.

Highlights include LED tech so you can easily locate your keys not only in the dark but even when they are pressed down under the pile of papers on your desk too! Become aware of what you’re touching at all times with our help! Tired from playing the whole day? The ultimate solution just landed right before the you-this fully functional game.


  • 3 in 1 Game controller

  • Nacklit keyboard mouse combo

  • 4GHz wireless game controller

  • 4GHz wireless connection via USB receiver

  • Long control rang is up to 10 meters.

  • Backlight guides your operation

  • Easy and convenient to use the keyboard in the dark


  • Ergonomics are non-existent
  • Trackpad is mediocre

Features Of Best Wireless Keyboard Mac Mini HTPC

The first thing you should consider is the features, functions of Best Wireless Keyboard Mac Mini HTPC, and connectivity options of your ideal wireless keyboard. There are many Bluetooth-enabled keyboards that come with their own USB receivers. Other wireless keyboards require a wired connection but provide more control over your device via advanced touchpads or other physical buttons.

You can even get multi-touch trackpads on some high-end models if you don’t want to use your laptop’s built-in touchpad while it’s being used as a Mini Keyboards HTPC monitor. These types of non-standard inputs may be necessary for certain media center applications, so it’s worth checking these aspects out before you make a purchase.

1. Material And Design

Wireless keyboards are typically made of plastic and rubber. Rubber is more flexible than plastic, but it can be less durable and harder to clean. You should try and get a model that has the most comfortable feel with easy-to-clean materials. Some models come with covers, so if your hands sweat a lot, look for one of those instead. This will help you keep your device clean and in good condition throughout its life cycle.

2. Battery Life And Charging Options

Since we’re talking about wireless devices, battery life is something worth taking into consideration when making an ultimate choice for your HTPC keyboard or remote control combo. Many models come with rechargeable batteries that can be charged via USB. You should also look for a model that has an easily replaceable battery to save on the cost of buying new devices when your current one dies.

The combination Apple Magic keyboard, mouse, and trackpad are perfect for Mac Mini HTPC setups where you need expandability without taking up extra desk space.

3. Backlit

You’ve got a home theatre PC for watching movies, but you’re always fighting with the lights. The best way to avoid this problem is via backlighting your keyboard so that it’s visible in any lighting situation.

A wireless keyboard HTPC offers plenty of light no matter what time of day or how dimly lit your living room maybe–even if you turn off all other lights! With an illuminated keyboard, enjoy full darkness and watch your favorite films without interruptions from bothersome ambient sources.

4. Size

Today, HTPC keyboards come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your personal preferences, you may want to select a full-size keyboard that can be used with the TV or living room entertainment system as well as for work – or opt for something more compact like a mini wireless game controller-sized device.


If you’re looking for a Best Wireless Keyboard Mac Mini HTPC and mouse combo to use on your Mac Mini HTPC, we’ve got some suggestions. We evaluated keyboards that provided the best value as well as those with unique features such as Bluetooth connectivity or backlit keys.

Our top pick is the Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo which offers both USB and Bluetooth compatibility, full-size key spacing, no need for AA batteries (the included lithium battery lasts up to three years), and an affordable price tag of $25.00! You can’t go wrong with this practical yet sleek little device! It’s available in white or black so it’ll match whatever color scheme you have going on at home too 😉