The writer is by nature a dreamer who pays attention to the world in every aspect. Power of the writer is word after word and best writing device.

Writing can be a solitary job, but it can also be quite stationary. You should always buy the best keyboard for writers which is ergonomic to do so that you can always keep your circulation going and so that you can be a writer for a very long time.

If you don’t do that you can end up with lots of medical troubles. That’s why it’s important to buy a comfortable keyboard to give rest to your palm if you’re used to sitting for long periods of time with no movement, as writers often do.

I’ve been in the blog and review the writing field for over five years, so I’ve certainly seen an evolution in the role of technology in the standard writer’s toolkit. So I reviewed some gigantic portable Best Computers keyboards for your work.

Top 7 Best Keyboard For Writers In 2022

1. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 – Wired!

Split keyboards are more ergonomic comfortable and more natural to use and increase your typing speed. Ergonomic split keyboard has been proven helpful in providing relief for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Microsoft natural ergonomic key board 400 is the keyboard that will help you work effectively when doing any kind of work with your computer. This is because it has been designed to make the user as comfortable as possible.

This split keyboard tries to correct your sitting posture by relaxing your hand and your back in several ways. The curve of the keys similar to the shape of the seagull’s wings that is bigger in size for an easy and fast key press. The ceiling design of Microsoft natural 400 allows you to position your straightening higher than your little fingers so that your wrists get a more natural position.

Cushioned palm rest gives a more natural position to your wrist and continues to flow in your hands. If you are an average typist you can easily 60 words per minute on this keyboard I guaranteed. Palm rest made everything comfier. It is the best Keyboard for writer.

Not only it is ergonomic but also has a multifunctional best computer keyboard for writers and unique featured keys. These keys distinctive keys contain a launching application key array of a customizable button, zoom in or out buttons.  On the edge of Natural Microsoft Keyboard a row of programmable silver buttons.

This intelligent keyboard contains 5.3 version software just plug and restart your computer and it simply connects to your system.  The Microsoft natural is USB compatible only you can`t use this keyboard as a PS/2 adapter.


  • Unique Split ergonomic design encourages natural hand, wrist during
  • Cushion padded palm rest provides support and promotes a neutral wrist position.
  • Media keys for music
  • Task favorites that allows quick access to applications like Mozilla fire fox on the taskbar hot keys
  • Internet switches to quick access to email.
  • Zoom slider for quick zoom in and out.
  • USB connectivity.


  • Padded palm rest

  • Unique classy split design

  • Comfortable wrist rest

  • Adjustable tilt

  • Many shortcut keys, including for Office apps, zoom in or out

  • 3 years of warranty

  • Slight key press


  • Bit Pricey

  • Not Connectivity PS/2

  • No RGB lightening

2. AZiO KB505U Large Print 3 Color – Backlit Keyboard

The Azio KB505U backlight is present and best solution for those who don’t see well and need extra light for their work. This is actually kind of a cool product this is an SEO blogger keyboard the KB 505u. it Contains large print tricolor backlight keyboard.

Due to bigger print keys it is easy to read reduce eye strain and promote productivity. Tricolor backlight selects between red blue or purple backlight illuminations which make it game changer.

It is a membrane best keyboard for writers. A membrane keyboard is a board whose keys are not separate and pressure pads make it soft and soundless key press. This is great for people who don’t see that well like if you have some kind of visual disability or weak eyesight’s you should definitely go with this keyboard.

If you are looking for the best-lighted keyboard for writers to work fast AZIO is on the top of the list. Quick access to hotkeys and multimedia keys makes it ideal keyboards that make your productivity to the next level.

In this keyboard you also have pretty different buttons del delete button then we get the indecisive button. Everything is pretty standard so you got all your typical media keys you play/pause back forward and a stop button as well as your email home and favorites audio controls launching media player.

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  • Three types of Color backlit Blue, Purple, Red.
  • Large Key print best for fast typing and for those whose eyesight weak like if your grandpa wants to use it also works best for them.
  • Membrane keyboard smoothes soundless typing.
  • USB enabled just plug and play no rocket science is required.
  • Quick Access on Multimedia and Hot keys.


  • Stable and responsive backlit keys.

  • Larger Key press buttons that look clear.

  • Multiple Tri color Backlit is best comfortable for your eyes.

  • Dedicated Calculator key.


  • Should have ergonomic Palm rest soft-touch also have rubber coating on the keyboard and palm rest areas.

3. Logitech Ergo K860 Split Layout – Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard 

Logitech is known to be one of the leading companies of the world which are known for the manufacture of computers and accessories. While there have been many different computer accessories Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless is the enormous ergonomic keyboard for writers.

Wouldn’t you need to have a curving desk to be able to fit that thing onto your workspace? Then there are the split keyboards that are actually two broken halves. Apparently, this is supposed to help position your wrists at a more natural angle to avoid injuries. Logitech Ergo k860  keyboard has some weird looking bit curved but when you use it improves your typing posture.

It’s going to help your wrist be in a better position so that it’ll help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s also going to help you drastically increase your comfort while sitting at the computer for hours.

When you receive the package so the first thing you’re going to receive is the keyboard of course then a wireless dongle which can be connected via USB Type A. You can always connect it using Bluetooth to triple-a batteries which come included with the keyboard.

It also contains pillowed wrist rest which reduces strain on your wrists while typing and it’s going just support your overall typing experience and wrist health in the long run much better than you would while using a regular flat layout keyboard.

For increasing comfort and smoothness these keyboard buttons contain MX Switches like tactile scissor switches. The shape of the keys matched the shape of the finger called Scooped keys. The writing experience on this keyboard is overall magnificent and it also has connectivity with every device like MAC Mobile Or Windows. Supports up to 3 connected devices.


  • Split Curved unique style ergonomic keyboard
  • Can connect USB dongle from 10 meter distance or 33 ft radius range.
  • This keyboard uses power is through two triple A batteries these batteries are going to last you a long time.
  • Multi device Switching capability.
  • Adjustable palm raised support and pillowed palm rest.
  • Scooped quite switches with finger tip countred Top.


  • Extra-comfortable wrist rest.

  • Front feet provide negative tilt.

  • Long distance strong Wireless Versatility.

  • Logitech Options and Flow software support.


  • No backlighting

  • Not Rechargeable

4. Corsair K63 – Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

You take your gaming seriously, and you’re good at it. But is your keyboard giving you an advantage, or is it holding you back? if you want to take full advantage of today’s gaming world you need a Corsair k63 it is best gaming keyboard.

All of top-rated keyboards are going to have mechanical key switches. A very important thing is the key switches in this model it is cherry MX red.

Red switch easier to press requires less finger pressure and linear lot quitter. Both the Corsair Vengeance K60 keyboard and the Professional version of Das Keyboard Mode S have incorporated this fabulous Cherry MX Red switch.

K63 Wireless also features 128-bit AES encryption which is going to help protect your keystrokes from say someone who’s trying to like hack into your computer and they could read that wireless.

This keyboard is nice and compact because it’s ten keyless that means you don’t have the number pad or anything on the right side. It takes not too much room from your desk and saves space.

It is lightweight and ultimate portable and ergonomic. On the bottom of keyboard ergonomic wrist rest pillow which gives space to the hands and saves you from tiredness. It also has extra key features like media control keys window lock and a button to control the brightness of backlighting.

The K63 Wireless keyboard can connect through its USB receiver or through Bluetooth and able to connect with pair with two devices at a time. The keyboard quality is good buttons are made up ABS plastic. It doesn’t have RGB backlit but only contains blue backlit. Overall also best external keyboard for writers.


  • Compact sized ten key less keyboard.
  • 128-bit AES encryption to protect your data
  • Blue Backlit using Corsair utility engine.
  • Quite ultra-fast sensitive touch MX red keys which makes typing quality great
  • It is compatible with devices Windows Full macOS Partial Linux Partial Android Partial iOS Partial
  • Soft-touch wrist rest provides comfort to enhance your game play.
  • Ultra-fast 1ms 2.4GHz gaming optimized wireless technology


  • Excellent mechanical Keboard

  • Lightweight porable

  • 15 hours of battery life

  • Rechargeable Battery

  • The memory foam bottom makes it feel like you have a simple pillow on your lap


  • Should have more color options than blue. But not the biggest deal.

5. Logitech K780 Multi-Device – Wireless Keyboard

When you are talking about a reputable computer hardware manufacturers, they don’t come bigger and better than logitech. Due to the increasing awareness about the wonderful benefits wireless keyboard offers, many computer users are now giving it serious consideration.

Another beneficial sample and best computer keyboard for writers is going too reviewed now. Logitech K780 is a fabulous attachable and lightweight device. K780 multi-device is very sleek designed and fully equipped keyboard. It’s fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, tablet Pc, and every device and provides easy switching with tablet PC.

It is a fully functional full-sized keyboard with number pad portion buttons. On this keyboard, you can easily switch between three different devices with a simple one press of the key. From the top left of the keyboard you can select from 1 2 & 3 that easily allows you to switch between three different devices to add a device to the keyboard.

With a full-size keyboard to make your life a little bit easier now, you can either play this  Bluetooth or you can use the USB unifying dongle.


  • Can be switched with three devices. Works great to switch between my Mac and Windows PC.
  • A full-sized keyboard and key spacing.  Number pad Customization of keys.
  • Reduced width for better ergonomics for right-handed mouse users.
  • 2 years battery life.
  • Bluetooth or the USB Unifying Receiver connectivity.


  • Three devices, one keyboard

  • Solid key-feel

  • Long battery life


  • Some times wireless connectivity becomes poor

  • Keys are not backlit

6. Vulcan 100 Aimo – RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Vulcan 100 Aimo is one of the top line sexy mechanical gaming keyboards. Rocat Vulcon featuring  fast responsive titan switches.  100 Aimo is manufactured by German manufacturers.

Vulcan keyboard contains unique skeletal design with RGB backlighting construction. the keyboard is made for some serious gamers and you also enjoy the classic gaming experience.

The titan keys show full responsiveness and a short actuation distance of 1.8mm make it faster. Titan switches also feature a dustproof design to make it easy to clean and expand its lifespan. These are a tactile mechanical switch with a specially optimized actuation point and improved debounce mechanics signal. It’s registered up to 20% faster compared to other mechanical keyboards.

Vulcan 100 aimo top plate is crafted out of anodized aluminum that reinforces the overall structural integrity of the keyboard to make a really solid. The only difference between Vulcan Aimo 120 and Vulcan Aimo 100 is that in cushioned arm rest comes in box with Aimo 120 but not with  Vulcano  Aimo 100.

With Game mode enabled, we can access six macro keys, which are located on the computer keys. In Game mode, these buttons will become the main function of the keys, which means that we will not have to press the Fn key to access the macro.

There are also three additional buttons and a scroll wheel to adjust the brightness and volume level of the LED. One is for moving the volume, the other is for adjusting the brightness level, and the third is for adjusting the volume level. Using the scroll wheel, we can adjust the brightness and volume of the LEDs.


  • Titan Switches which are near to MXBrown
  • 8mm actuation point & 3.6mm switch total travel distance
  • 512kb incorporates macro & settings memory
  • All keys remap able
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 based processor
  • 512kb integrated macro & settings memory
  • 8m USB cable
  • ROCCAT Swarm software suite


  • Interesting, Magnificient design

  • Great performance

  • Comfortable tactile switches

  • Full lighting options


  • Key press is noisy

  • Bit pricy

7. Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

Microsoft Modern keyboard with Finger print Id is built to help you feel comfortable and secured. This sleek designed keyboard is the best pc keyboard for writers who spend time on Keyboard.  It is made with durable aluminum that provides ensures that it is well crafted. This slim keyboard has almost zero side bezel.

Full sized keyboard with 10-keyboard and amount of functional keys. The main feature of this keyboard you can log in to your device and apps quickly and conveniently with your fingerprint. The hidden fingerprint sensor blends in perfectly with the keyboard, making it look like any other key.

Other keyboards work with many platforms like Windows 8 and Macos 10.10.5 much other software. But this Microsoft modern keyboard only works with windows 10 windows machines besides you plug it VIA USB.

This keyboard utilizes a rechargeable battery and it also has a long battery time. The button press on the keyboard is quite soundless best for your office life. The keys are plenty responsive to have a decent amount of bounce. You can enjoy a flawless experience by using it wired or wireless. For initial pairing just connect it with a cable and charge it fully then connect it with Bluetooth.

In this model, you also get a fingerprint reader that can be set up to work with the windows hello security access options. To get this set up you need to have the keyboard connected first and go under Setting accounts and sign-in options I have to say this feature works excellent and it really expedites the Windows 10 login experience the only negative.


  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Compatible with Windows 10 also.
  • Best security with Windows Hello biometric.
  • Hidden fingerprint sensor – blends fingerprint reader into a keyboard, making it look like any other key.
  • Wired/wireless capability
  • Full sized keyboard with number pad multifunctional hot keys.
  • No bezel sleek design


  • Solid aluminum construction with silver shade button

  • Can be used wired or wirelessly and pairs easily

  • Fingerprint sensor button for additional security

  • Works well with Windows Hello setup biometric


  • Bit expensive

  • Can just work with windows 10 machins

Gaming Keyboard Works For Writers?

Gaming and writing keyboard both are different from each. There is a little misunderstanding that writers keyboard work for gamers or gamers board works properly for writers. The gaming keyboards contain stereotypical gaming features. While mostly these keyboards are ten key less mechanical and use switches for press like MX brown, MX Blue, MX Red.


After a hours of grub work, I  have tried and select the top best keyboards for writers. You can select any board that fulfills your writing target. Dozens of options available in the market but I can proudly say these are the best keyboards for writers 2021.

Still, demented which best keyboard for writers you should buy. If you are a blogger or creative writer mostly the time spend with the keyboard you should go with an ergonomic one. We have two top choices you can choose from them. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic keyboard and Logitech Ergo 860.  Both are winner keyboards ergonomic and unbeatable quality keyboards.