In the current economic climate, everyone is looking for ways to save money. Everything from groceries to clothing has been taken off of people’s shopping lists as they look for more affordable options. In this article, we will discuss a piano Best Keyboard For Under $300 that is perfect if you are on a budget and want to learn how to play the piano without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Many people assume that a digital piano is much better than a keyboard. This assumption couldn’t be further from the truth, as a piano keyboard produces similar sound quality to a digital piano but costs far less. Most keyboards are full 88-key pianos and have weighted keys that feel just like those on an acoustic piano. The only difference between the two is that instead of using hammers and strings to produce sound, they use electronics and speakers. 

A piano keyboard is a musical instrument that is played using a piano style. There are many types of keyboards and they come in different price ranges, so it can be difficult to know which one you should buy. This article will discuss some of the best ones for under $300. 

In the modern world of today, music is a major part of our lives. It is also a source of entertainment and enjoyment that can be shared with many other people, no matter who they are or where they’re from. One way to create this music is by using a piano keyboard. These have been popular instruments for several decades now, if not longer. Its popularity resulted in the release of many models, ranging from multiple octaves to various specifications and other details.

However, if you are on a budget or just want to enjoy playing piano at your home without having to buy an expensive one that would likely be out-of-tune after some time, then there is no need in buying something that costs way more than it is actually worth.

7 Best Keyboard For Under $300 In 2022

It’s perfect for beginning musicians, whether at home or on the go. It features an array of built-in sounds and styles that are fun to play, including acoustic pianos, electric pianos, organs, strings, synths, and more. With its compact size and built-in speakers, you can enjoy playing anytime or anywhere! And with the new app, you can easily mix your own sounds to create your own musical creations.

It is a USB-powered keyboard that gives you the tools to create music on the go. With its integrated Loop Mix feature, you can build songs by simply playing notes on the keyboard. You can even add effects and control them with your fingers or with your voice via Bluetooth. The GO:KEYS also has an audio input for connecting other devices, such as an MP3 player or smartphone, for recording and playback.

The Loop Mix feature lets you build songs by simply playing notes on the keyboard, while one-touch control of effects like reverb and Phaser adds a touch of style to your sound. Add in a headphone jack, built-in speakers, and options to control volume and tap tempo, this keyboard has everything you need to play or record wherever you go.

It features a full-size Best Keyboard For Under $300, 61 keys, and integrates seamlessly with your iOS or Android device with Bluetooth technology for audio/MIDI support. With its integrated speakers, you can play your favorite tunes from your smartphone or tablet with no additional speaker system. It also includes a built-in touchpad that allows you to control different parameters of your favorite DAW software directly from the keyboard itself.


  • Loop Mix

  • Bluetooth audio / MIDI support

  • Over 500 pro-quality sounds

  • 8.6-pound weight

  • Battery-powered


  • Breach of warranty

  • Piano sound not good

The Alesis Recital 88-Key Digital Piano Keyboard is a feature-packed electric piano that’s tailored to you. It features 88 premium full-sized semi-weighted keys with adjustable touch response to suit your preferred playing style. The onboard speakers and audio outputs allow you to practice along with your favorite songs, play for family and friends, or perform live on stage.

This keyboard also comes with a free downloadable app that allows you to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth® technology for simple control over the instrument’s sounds and effects from compatible smartphones and tablets. The intuitive sound controls let you adjust the keyboard’s built-in sounds to your preference, plus there are 32 demo songs, 250 instrumental sounds, and 128 GM-compatible preloaded songs for you to play along with.

The Alesis Recital 88-Key Digital Piano Keyboard has three kinds of touch responses; light, medium, or heavy. It also comes with a sustain pedal that can be adjustable to suit your playing style, like half-pedaling or fully pedaling. This digital piano also comes with eight different built-in effects as reverb, chorus, tremolo, and more, which allows the user to choose how they want their music to sound.

With its Bluetooth technology, it will connect wirelessly to various devices like phones and tablets. It has a free downloadable app that can be used with the device to control and adjust specific features like volume and sound effects. This keyboard comes with an Alesis master class lesson program that teaches you all about piano keys, playing techniques, how to read music, scales, and chords, which allows you to advance your musical knowledge.

The Alesis Recital 88-Key Digital Piano Keyboard is also than most keyboards making this product unique among many others on the market today. It is compact, making it easy to transport or place, and easy for everyone who is of any age group to carry. The dimensions are 24 x 10 x 5 inches. It weighs only 42 pounds, which makes it easy for people of all ages and genders to carry and store.


  • 7.1 kg weight

  • Power adapter

  • RCA output for connection

  • 128 notes

  • 3 months premium subscription 


  • Sound output issues

  • Keys are not semi weighted

Yamaha’s NP-32 is a 76-key, lightweight and portable keyboard that features the Graded Soft Touch (GST) keyboard action. GST provides gentle weighting, whilst retaining the soft touch of a digital keyboard. The NP-32 also offers advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling technology which enables it to recreate natural instrument sounds in stereo via its two built-in speakers. This Yamaha keyboard also comes with an iOS app to allow for quick and easy configuration and navigation of settings such as tone colour, rhythm patterns and reverb effects.

After the release there have been no negative reviews found online. The Yamaha NP-32 has a very good rating on Amazon, with 4 out of 5 stars. This keyboard is priced at 266 dollars. It has an average rating of 3.8/5 stars on Sweetwater and also 4/5 stars on B&H Photo Video.

Its USB to Host port allows you to connect and interact with a wide variety of educational and musical creation Apps on a computer or mobile device. It has 64-note polyphony, a song recorder function, and extended battery life. The keyboard is the perfect choice for your first instrument. It’s lightweight enough to take anywhere, yet it has all the essentials that make up a great piano sound. The advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling (WMS) technology provides realistic piano tones that you can depend on for any performance.

It was awarded the ‘Keyboard Magazine’ Test Winner for being well built, portable, affordable and having great features for beginners, school students or those who want their first keyboard to learn with. In their review, they praised the fact that it had touch sensitive keys and also provided useful features such as 200 high quality tones, 100 rhythms which include 50 user rhythms and 5 reverb settings for you to play around with.


  • Soft touch

  • 64 note polyphony

  • USB connectivity

  • 76 keys

  • Stereo sound


  • Keys are narrow

  • Volume not loud

Casio is a Japanese multinational electronics manufacturing company, headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan since 1945. They are known for their electronic keyboard, piano and synthesizer manufacturing contributions throughout music history.

Casio CT-X700 61-Key Portable Keyboard with USB/MIDI Interface and 600 Tones, 195 Rhythms. This keyboard is the perfect way to learn to play music. It has a full complement of 61 touch-responsive keys that are great for beginning piano players or anyone who wants more control over their sound than an arranger keyboard can offer. The CT-X700 also includes a pair of stereo speakers so you can enjoy your favorite songs and create your own tunes at home, on the go, or anywhere you like.

A complete arranger keyboard with 61 full-sized keys and a huge sound library to simulate classic sounds from the grand piano, electric pianos, organs and more. Includes pro features such as dedicated multiplier buttons, digital effects for fine-tuning your tone and drum/accompaniment tracks to help you learn. USB MIDI interface allows you to record and play back your music.

Includes a pair of stereo speakers for enjoying your favorite songs or creating your own tunes at home, on the go or anywhere you like. Along with the other features  it includes touch sensitive keyboard that provides you with the same features as the larger models. This model has 61 full-size keys and 600 tones, 195 rhythms and 200 built in songs. The CTX700 also comes with an AC adapter or can be powered by 6 AA batteries (sold separately). It also includes a 1/4″ headphone out jack so you can play at home or on stage without disturbing others.


  • 61 full size touch

  • USB / MIDI

  • AC adapter

  • Standalone keyboard

  • 9.48 pounds weight


  • Noise problem

  • Missing items

This Keyboard is an excellent choice for beginners, especially those interested in piano. It has 61 lighted keys with touch sensitivity, so you can play dynamic music with just a light touch. The keys light up to show the correct notes, making it easy to learn how to play. Keys to Success lesson mode helps you learn songs one step at a time, while Touch Tutor and Smart Chord modes help you master chords and dynamics respectively.

Furthermore, you can use the reverb, chorus and brilliance controls to produce various sounds from flute-like tones all the way up to crashing waves. The Yamaha EZ300 also includes 10 demo songs for you to learn by ear, plus 2 singing modes where you can sing along or harmonize with either yourself or another vocalist through microphone input. Plus, it comes with an instruction manual if you need help figuring out how things work on this instrument.

This musical instrument has 100 different types of built-in songs to play along with, which are divided into ten fun categories that are certain to please any user – Pop, Rock, Oldies, Latin, Hip Hop/Rap/R&B, Dance/Techno/Trance, World Music and Swing Styles. Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) lesson system is designed to make learning both fun and easy by teaching you how to play songs right from the start through either step-by-step lessons or by playing along with songs in the Keyboards song library.

There is also a record mode where you can playback your recordings with accompaniment for reviewing your progress. Includes 2-way power supply, music rest, and sustain pedal.

This keyboard features 823 realistic voices to choose from, which include piano, organs, harpsichords, vibraphones, and many others. Each voice is accurate and full of presence thanks to AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) stereo sampling and the Virtual Resonance Modelling sound system.


  • 61 lighted keys

  • 1 pound weight

  • Touch tutor lesson mode

  • 14.5 x 37.19 x 4.63 inches dimensions.

  • Power adapter (sold separetely)

The RockJam 561 keyboard piano super kit includes a digital keyboard with 61 full-size keys giving you that traditional piano feel whilst maintaining a portable and compact design that can be powered by either mains power (power supply included) or batteries. This keyboard features an LCD display panel that both displays and engages the 100 rhythms, 50 tones, teaching functions, and 30 demo songs that are part of its functionality.

It is an electric piano which has record and playback functionality allowing you to build layers to your sound. This music keyboard super kit pack also comes with 6 free music books to help get you started. The super kit includes a 3-pedal unit (sustain, sostenuto, soft pedals) that ensures the same playing experience as regular pianos.

Another great feature is that it has an input jack socket for plugging in your MP3 / iPod players and phones so you can play along to your favorite songs!  This offers even more versatility when learning about the different instruments of the orchestra or simply playing along to your favorite tracks.

Music Stand – A fully adjustable metal stand allows you all the flexibility you’ll need whilst practicing at home or on other surfaces such as desks.

Piano Score – This can be extremely helpful when learning to play songs! It has the melody line, chords and lyrics all in one.

The Universal Headphone Adaptor – This adaptor allows you to connect your MP3 / iPod players or phones into the piano allowing you to listen through headphones without disturbing anyone around you.

Wide range of functions – Whether you’re looking to play at home, be entertained by its 100 rhythms and 50 tones or learn about the different instruments in an orchestra; this keyboard piano has a wide variety of features designed for your convenience. The RockJam 561 also comes with a 2 year warranty.


  • 61 full size keys

  • Playback function

  • Padded seat

  • 19.84 pounds weight

  • 30 demo songs


  • The app is not free

  • Not durable keys

LAGRIMA LAG-300 61-key electronic keyboard is a musical instrument for beginners and professionals. It has a complete timbre, rhythm, and unlimited expansion ability. It is made of high-quality materials with the most advanced technology, it’s strong and durable enough to accompany you for years. It can be used as an accompaniment instrument or lead instrument in live performances, studio recording sessions, or practice sessions. The superior sound quality makes it perfect for any kind of music style: pop, rock, hip-hop, metal, jazz or classical music.

The modern design of LAGRIMA LAG-300 is appealing and easy to carry everywhere you go. With 61 piano style keys and advanced touch response feature, it provides a realistic way of playing keyboard instruments. In addition, the built-in recorder allows you to record your song in real time with a press of a button! And there’s no need for complex wiring in order to connect the sound output device to the instrument – Its standard USB port makes it compatible with any devices without special settings, just plug in and play!

It has more than 300 high quality sounds including acoustic pianos, electric pianos, organs, strings, guitars, basses and drums. You can even edit the sounds to make them your own! The joystick knob-slider gives you complete control over the tone of every sound. It also allows you to record more on its 4 tracks recording system – A great way for musicians on a budget to compose their music.

The built-in 2″ color backlight LCD screen on LAGRIMA LAG-300 61-key electronic keyboard provides easy access and displays the titles and lyrics (if available) in most cases allowing you to play along without printed sheet music! You can adjust the display contrast for comfortable viewing depending on what’s playing.

This is compatible with many of the most popular karaoke software titles including Free Studio, KaraFun, ACID Music Studio and Cakewalk.  Many titles offer a free trial so you can try it before you buy. You can even use your LAGRIMA LAG-300 keyboard with game software like Karaoke Revolution, DJ Max Reloaded and Vocaloid – Add some video game fun to your performance!


  • 61 Imitation Piano Keys

  • Unlimited expansion

  • Recording and replay

  • Dual power supply mode

  • Complete timbre and rhythm 

Best Keyboard For Under $300 – Buying Guide

A pianist’s keyboard is one of the most important tools that they used to produce sound. The key difference between an acoustic piano and a digital piano is the number of keys, however, there are many other features that set these instruments apart. Looking for a piano keyboard is a tough choice as it means investing money into something that you might not use properly, but with the right knowledge and reading reviews from people who have tried these products, you’ll find one that will suit your needs

Let’s face The Truth. Not every one of us has the money to spend on a piano keyboard that can cost upwards of $1,000 or even more for an advanced model. Not having enough money isn’t your only problem either. If you own an acoustic piano but still want to play around with other tones and effects while you practice or record, then you don’t have to worry about that either.

There are many piano Best Keyboard For Under $300 out there in the market today, including some of them under $100. Of course, not all of them are worth your money because their tone isn’t realistic enough and the keyboard keys are too sensitive. A newbie on the market for their first keyboard might not know what to look for in order to get all of their needs met by one product, but this blog post will break down some specifications you should look for when shopping around.

So before buying one for yourself, here are some things you must know. The choice comes down to subjective factors such as how many keys it has, curves, etc.

  • A piano comprises three parts:
  • Keyboard – this part allows you to input music into the device.
  • Action – this component controls how each key works when it’s pressed down. A grand action, for example, offers crisp obvious notes while an upright one uses weights to create louder sounds.
  • Frame – this part helps support all other parts in the instrument, including the keyboard and action components listed above. This is also an important factor in determining overall sound quality because larger frames allow for better resonance.
  • A piano keyboard is an electronic device used in place of or beside an acoustic piano in playing music from digital recordings or with MIDI data input from an external source, such as a computer sequencer or another sound module. 
  •  If you want a portable keyboard, then get a full-size keyboard with 88 keys because those models are easier to move from one place to another. But if you have enough space for your keyboard, buy one of those digital pianos that allow you to connect a stand. 
  • 61-key keyboards have a smaller number of keys, so they are cheaper to buy and have lower sound quality. 76-key keyboards have a bigger number of keys, so they cost more and have better sound quality.
  • Casio has LED-based keyboards with graded hammer action keys for players who need a light touch response. Yamaha offers wood keyboards which makes them feel sturdier than other models, but they can be pricey. Korg has lightweight electric keyboards that are basic with only six-note polyphony but are good for beginners because they’re portable.
  • Another key feature while buying a piano under the budget of $300 is to check the weight and quality of the keyboard. As if the quality isn’t good, it will stop working sooner.
  • There are two very common kinds which include vertical and horizontal pianos. Vertical pianos have been around longer than their counterparts. 
  • Standard (acoustic) – like fully electric models these also require bench and bench cover but they do not need to be plugged into work properly. They create their own power using a system called “dynamics.” Using this system, players can control volume and tone through their fingers along with the keys.
  • The hollow body – These types of pianos create their own power and don’t need to be plugged in. They also come with bench and bench cover, like fully electric and standard (acoustic) models. The major difference between these and the two others is that they can produce a better quality sound because of their design, which includes sound holes called “sound ports.”


Best Keyboard For Under $300 can make practicing more fun and rewarding. There are many options to choose from when shopping around for one that suits your needs and budget. We hope that our list has helped narrow down some possibilities!

 If you’re looking for a keyboard that has an extensive range of features but won’t break the bank, the Yamaha NP32 is worth your consideration. It offers 76 keys with weighted hammer action to give it more depth and realism than other keyboards in this price range. The NP-series also comes equipped with built-in speakers which means you don’t have to worry about purchasing additional equipment if you want to play live music or use headphones when practicing at home. This lightweight piano weighs less than 17 pounds so even traveling musicians will be able to take it on the go without difficulty!

Overall, they said that it is well-built keyboard with good sounds for its size, but if you are planning on performing live then there are much better-sounding instruments out there. It could be used in the studio environment or maybe even at home when plugged into your TV to watch your favorite shows or movies.

FAQs for Keyboard For Under 300

1. What is a good inexpensive keyboard?

The Casio Privia is a budget-friendly, but good-sounding keyboard. If you have an iPad or iPhone for example, the Casio Priva can function as a low-cost wi-fi MIDI controller, giving you access to all the features of a high-end digital piano. Some other brands worth considering are Roland and Korg which come with more keys and higher quality sounds. It’s recommended to research reviews before buying any keyboard though.

2. What keyboard should I buy as a beginner?

 If you’re looking for a straightforward keyboard to get started with, the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 is a really great choice. This keyboard comes in a variety of different two-color options and also has ergonomic wrist support that helps alleviate any potential hand pain! I recommend going with one of the blue switches because they provide a slightly more crisp sound which will be easier on your wrists when typing long sentences.

3. Is a 61 key keyboard enough?

Short answer, no. If you’re looking for something that can provide a wide range of sounds and control levels (rolling volume, octaves), then the answer is probably “yes”. However, if you’re using it mostly to produce or play certain keyboard plugins (such as pianos), then the answer is most likely going to be no.

Approximately 4 octaves are usually provided on 61 key keyboards, with some instruments featuring more.

4. Which keyboard piano is best?

The best keyboard piano is one that suits your needs, whether it be a specific manufacturer or a specific brand. Look at the features of each through online videos and decide from there. It can’t hurt to do some research before purchasing anything new.