If you do not have a sword to fight in the battle, how will you fight? You might say that I will end up suiciding on the battlefield. The same is the case with gaming. If you do not have an excellent keyboard to play, you will have the worst performance.

If you are a pro gamer, then there are good chances of your playing League of Legends or LoL. So in the meantime, you know that playing LoL means you are exposed to significant stress. A slight disturbance and device misoperation can lead to failure in the game.

For that, you need a potent keyboard that prevents you from any mistakes or mishaps during the play. The Keyboard that offers good response time and no rollover is the best one for such a scenario. But getting the best Keyboard for League of legends is not a trivial task. So this is what this guide is about finding the perfect Keyboard for LoL.

Best Keyboard For League Of Legends—Buyer Guide

It is vital to recognize what you’re hunting for prior to spending your money on the very first Keyboard.  So below are few things to remember before ordering your League of Legends keyboard:

1. Anti-.Ghosting (Key roller)

Anti-ghosting is a function that enables the pressing and registering of several keys at the same instant. The standard keyboards usually are set to a maximum of 2 presses, which indicates that the third pressing would not be processed at all if you hit 3 or more keys at a point. Therefore, the game keyboards have the anti-ghosting level at 6 or more, and for the betterment of LoL, you can mix different key-mixes comfortably.

Anti-ghosting in the League of Legend will also contribute significantly.  For instance, if you want to apply a combination of more than two buttons to hit your enemy, then with the 2-press button, it will not be possible, so for that, you need a potent anti-ghost keyboard.

2. Switch Types

The keys on the keyboards work in the switches underneath them. There are mainly two types of keyboards that are mechanical and regular. The mechanical keyboards have some potent controls underneath that can render millions of hits. On the other hand, the membrane switches are commonly seen in standard keyboards, which might not suit avid gamers. So for LoL, I prefer you to go for the mechanical switch keyboard.

3. Build Quality

In challenging situations, gameplay can lead to losing control over your power. When we’re playing Competitive games like League of Legends, we’re 100 percent invested; we also don’t realize how tough we hit the Keyboard.

Therefore to withstand our harsh taps and serve us for an extended period, a top-notch keyboard is necessary.

4. Backlighting

Backlighting is the plus point for the gamers. As for gamers, they prefer darker rooms, so a keyboard with no backlight will leave them blind to press the keys. So go for the backlighting keyboards. Alongside, many brands are offering RGB color backlights, which depicts a pro gamer look, so go for that if you like.

Top 7 Best Keyboard For League Of Legends 2022 – Comparison Chart!

Razer is a famous brand among avid gamers. This Blackwidow Elite gaming keyboard goes toe with the league players and makes for an immense gaming experience. The signature mechanical switch of this Keyboard will serve perfectly for the intense gameplay. Besides that, when you hit the button, it will pour a satisfying sound of clicks with 50 G of actuation force.

If you are hunting for a gaming keyboard with highest accuracy for typing or gaming, then don’t look beyond this Blackwidow. You can conveniently view your keys in the middle of the night through the configurable lighting and backlit. You could also customize it to brighten only the buttons you desire, to imply items that are activated, elixirs, knickknacks, lanes, etc.

Like we said in the guide, and anti-ghost Keyboard is a must for gaming. So this razer BalckWidow comes with hyper shift technology. This tech allows for the multiple keys or keypresses to be pressed at once; it can promptly execute difficult gaming commands in the long run.

Furthermore, it comes with proper hand support for the leaguers with magnetic wrist rest. Besides, this Keyboard will not last long as it supports up to 80 million keypresses. The razer Blackwidow’s keycaps come from a military-grade metal top plate that lasts more than you expect.

Media controls are provided by a multi-function digital dial, and the USB 2.0 and sound pass over makes for simple cabling.  Perform efficiently with the ergonomic wrist rest for extended durations, and you can also personalize main lighting, bindings, and macro. Besides, you can s  Store up to 5 setups with a hybrid on-board storage and cloud services to be used everywhere.


  • Epic functional design

  • Up to 80 million strokes durability

  • Digital dial pad for media control

  • Customizable colors of every key

  • Ergonomic wrist rest

  • Provides 5 configurations saving on cloud storage


  • Synapse software is not good

Next, off we have the Redragon S107 gaming keyboard. The Redragon is offering a combo of top-notch mouse and gaming keyboard. When you order this Keyboard, you will get a 104 key RGB backlit keyboard, an RGB LED backlit gaming mouse and a wide mouse pad, just enough to play League of legends at pro-level.

The 104 keys of this Keyboard incorporate mechanical switches underneath that owes to provide ultimate durability. The Redragon LED RGB Keyboard comes with versatile seven colors along with six backlight effects. What’s more for RGB? It also offers 4 backlight brightness levels, so you can set them to not irritate your eyes. Besides that, you can turn them off too.

Why is this Keyboard perfect for League of Legends? If you are up to play for long hours, its ergonomic design will serve you. For maximum protection, this Keyboard comes in a waterproof design. Furthermore, it houses 104 keys, 25 keys offer without conflict, and 11 keys are dedicated to media keys.

When you mistakenly press the windows key during the gameplay, it will ruin all your gamin fun. For this purpose, the Keyboard offers you to disable the window key. Furthermore, the Keyboard comes with excellent ergonomics and a space-saving design. You will get ample space for hand placing while not taking much space.

For a more fluid gaming experience, you get a keyboard. This great besides that, you will get a large and smart Redragon mousepad and mouse. So for the ultimate gaming experience, you can use this package. All in all, this Redragon keyboard alone offers much functionality for LoL.


  • best Keyboard and mouse combo for League of legends

  • 104 key RGB LED Backlit Mechanical switches

  • Versatile lighting features

  • WIN off feature

  • Ergonomic and waterproof design

  • Space-saving design

  • Great value for money

We said that a mechanical keyboard is good for gaming, but this membrane keyboard is an affordable alternative for expensive gaming keyboards. The Thermaltake gaming keyboard comes in 3 Color Backlighting that is in Blue, Red, and Purple. Besides that, it incorporates Static and pulses of lighting effects.

Besides this, Challenger Prime comes with a Dial in the top-mid for adequate brightness adjustment. You will be surprised with its 6 Dedicated Macro Keys and 3 Storable Profiles, which offers to pair up to 18 programmable Macros. Moreover, you can Change profiles conveniently owing to its dedicated M1, M2, and M3 keys.

This ChallegerPrime houses a Highly Functional Keyset. For this assertion, they offer 9 multimedia keys, different shortcut keys, illumination keys, game mode or regular way toggle keys, and tuning keys for both the reiteration and polling rates to end the top of the Keyboard.

You don’t need to care about coffee spills and drips as of its Anti-Spill Design. with drainage holes at chosen areas in the keyboard casing, it will help avoid spills. As for Anti-Ghosting, it comes With the N-key rollover. You conveniently hit combinations of keys simultaneously, and still, your gaming session will be as smooth as it can be.

Till now, you must be surprised to get this much from a membrane keyboard. What’s more? It offers switchable WASD keys that can function as arrow keys for two-player games. An when in the game mode, you can disable the window key too. On top of all, this Keyboard provides the Facility to re-map all keys freely to another key.


  • 3-color backlight

  • Highly functional keys

  • Profile switching keys

  • Anti-ghosting with N-roll over key

  • Anti-spill design

  • Switch between game mode and normal mode


  • Avid gamers may not be satisfied with the functionality

If you want a minimalist yet feature-rich Keyboard at a reasonable price, go for this blue finger gaming keyboard. This Keyboard depicts a pro gamer look while not costing much. You can turn on and off its Backlight with a scroll lock key.

Besides, Bluefinger claims that its 104 keys keyboard makes all letters glow, and it never fades out thanks to its RGB. The built-in steel plate offers more durability that can withstand the fall and drops of the Keyboard. Talking of durability, it 61 inches long USB wire has a braided design that makes for durability.

Moreover, it comes equipped with 19 non-conflict keys that enable the anti-ghosting. You can press and hold different keys and key combinations simultaneously. On top of all, this is a complete gaming package as it comes with a mouse and mouse pad too.

The mouse offers an ergonomic design and quality ABS constitution. The wire of the mouse also comes with a durable braided design. Besides that, it has 4 different LED breathing lights. This light owes to change automatically. Besides, the mouse pad has well-tought construction to provide ample space for hand movement.

This Keyboard offer plug and play simplicity for quick configuration. It will not ask to install any extra driver or anything to get started. You can begin to connect it with any operating system. For the cost under $30, this Keyboard’s features are matched to our criteria for an LoL gaming keyboard.


  • RGB Backlight with turn on/off

  • Anti-fall design

  • Ergonomic design

  • Anti-ghosting

  • Anti-spill design

  • Long wires

  • Durable design


  • No game mode and standard mode option

If you are looking for a proficient yet affordable Gaming Keyboard, look no further than this NPET K10. Its UV coated keycaps alongside injection laser carving ABS keycaps design make the characters never fade. Its Anti-sweat feature keeps the keycap from damaging. You will get elevated durability and tactile feedback.

Moreover, its Dense and firm stainless steel base plate provide long life service and never bends. It’s Metal and ABS structure make it more trustworthy and robust. This NPET K10 gaming keyboard is more hard-wearing than the plastic Keyboard that makes it your best keyboard pick.

This Colorful Illuminated Keyboard comes in 4 LED lighting backlit modes and a breathing 7-color option. It offers 3 Adjustable modes: stable mixed backlit modes, irregular breathing, or permanent lighting mode. This feature makes it appealing to play the game at night in the dark. You can also alter the brightness and breathing pace of Backlight as per your preference. Its Backlight automatically turns off after 10-mins of inactivity.

It comes with 104 Keys in which it has13 multimedia keys blends, 26 non-conflict keys. The 13 combinations of multimedia keys offer the easy operation of the game and elevate efficiency. Its ergonomic design and ergonomics Arc keycaps with smooth lines and comfortable feel do not stress your fingers.

It is a High-Quality Floating Keyboard with 2 angle feet underneath to adjust the keyboard height. Furthermore, its Water-resistant design averts damage from spilled drinks. The Anti-interference magnet ring, a gold-plate interface and water-resistant braid USB cables guarantee steady data transfer and durability.


  • Well-thought key design for gaming

  • Anti-sweat keycaps prevent damage

  • Ergonomic design

  • Water-resistant

  • Plug and play configuration

  • Affordable price

Are you tired of operating a standard keyboard for gaming? Are do you want to control in both of your hands for gaming? If yes, then this RGB one-handed mechanical Keyboard is for you. While not compromising on the features for gaming, this Keyboard acquires space like a mouse.

This RGB Keyboard is a mechanical switch keyboard. It’s all 35 keycaps that come with RGB rainbow backlit functionality. The Letters if this Keyboard never fade out, and all of all 35 keys are non-conflict keys. You can conveniently press all keys at once. You can also adjust the switch to its multiple backlit modes with some combination with the function key.

Furthermore, it offers macro recording and deleting functionality. You can use G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6 for such tasks. These keys combine with function keys make for quick recoding and deleting. Just follow the guidelines, and you are good to go. All the six keys ask for the same procedure to perform macro recording and deleting.

If we talk about its comfort for the hand, it comes with a curved keycap layout, making pressing keys fun. The hand support offers ergonomic one hand palm rest, which makes for ultimate comfort during the gameplay. More off, its WSAD kays will function like arrow keys for moving. The WASD has a textured design that makes you touch and feel the key more conveniently during gameplay.

Besides all this, this Keyboard is easy to set up. You can simply plug its USB connector and start playing League of legends on it. It will not ask for any software or driver to install it before installing it. On top of that, it can conveniently work with every OS. Whether you are using it with PS4, Xbox One, Laptop, or PC, it will make for League of Legends’ best keyboard setup.


  • Wrist rest design

  • Features rich

  • Macro recording and deleting with 6 keys

  • RGB Backlight is highly versatile

  • All 35 keys are non-conflict

  • Compatible with most of the devices 


This Redragon K552 gaming keyboard is the best keyboard switch for League of legends. It comes with a Tenkeyless compact form factor.  It is small and close enough to occupy less space. Besides that, it has dustproof mechanical switches. These switches go toe to toe with cherry MX red equivalent Linear switches with its quiet click sound and quick performance. Furthermore, it no-resistance without a tactile bump feel on the keys.

This Keyboard has an on-board Rainbow LED RGB backlit. And to offer greater versatility in Backlight, it comes with 19 different lighting effects and game modes. Its 2 user-defined lighting modes and 6 colors, multiple brightness levels, breathing speed, and precision-engineered keycaps provide a loud and even backlighting.

For the comfort of hands, it offers an Ergonomic design. And for durability, it houses steel series keys and high-quality, robust metal-abs construction. Furthermore, plate-mounted mechanical switches can stand up even the gamers’ hard and harsh hits for extend gaming hours.

Asking for more? It will provide you top-notch Anti-ghosting feature as all 87 keys are conflict-free. Besides that, the Nkey rollover highlights 12 multimedia keys and a non-slip and splash-proof design. Moreover, it comes with a gold-plated and high-speed, and corrosion-resistance USB connector for a reliable connection.

Don’t worry. It’s a simple plug-and-play sort of device to make for an easy connection. Besides that, it works with every Windows OS and major gaming systems. All in all, this Keyboard is a decent choice for League of legend players.


  • Compact design with dust proofing

  • Quiet click sound

  • Ergonomic design

  • 87 conflict-free keys

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Affordable price 


  • Many users complain of not performing well


So this was all from our guide of best Keyboard for playing League of legends. I hope you find the best pick from our guide. All the keyboards that we have here go toe to toe with our buying guide requirements and prove to be some good picks for League of legend layers.

All of the Best Keyboard For League Of Legends will not make a hole through your pocket, yet they promise to provide top-notch features.  they all come with anti-ghosting keys, water-resistance and ergonomic design. Though, If you don’t like our pick, you can refer to our guide before finding the next best.

In any case, I will be telling you the winner of our guide, which is the NPET K10 gaming keyboard. Without showing any downside, this Keyboard owes to provide top-notch functionality without costing much. So you can get your hands on this keyboard dive into some league fun.