Keyboard and mouse position gaming: From a professional gamer to a person who simply enjoys gaming, there are of course a lot of things to the gaming world that you tend to learn with time. A successful gamer knows the necessities and tricks that allow them to use the gaming world to their complete advantage. Games are meant to be comfortable and exciting. So whether you aim to turn gaming into a mode of entertainment, relaxation or even as a career you need to be ready to invest a little into it.

Other than the latest hardware at your service you need to realize that the essential most peripherals for gaming are your keyboard and mouse. Here at the computers keyboard, we update the complete guide.

Ergonomics In The Usage of PC

There are a few basic ergonomics of using your PC that anyone who uses their PC frequently already tends to understand. Mouse and Keyboard ergonomics are pivotal to amplifying your experience with PC and making it a more productive and less irritating experience.

Ergonomics: By definition, Ergonomics in IT simply means a way of arranging or positioning of your equipment or accessories in order to improve their productivity.

This implies providing the users with the following conditions

  • Building a state of less possible injuries and minimizing the degeneration of health conditions
  • Ensuring that the equipment that is used and its placement is according to the needs of the body of the user
  • Ensuring a safe, productive and comfortable space that can amplify a person’s skill as well as sensory abilities like hearing and vision
  • Ensuring that the design and placement is supportive of people’s limitation and does not negatively affect people

Keyboard And Mouse Position Gaming

The gaming keyboard and mouse position are some of the important things that you need to keep in consideration in order to avoid health hazards.

Remember that being seated for gaming requires a proper posture and position so that it doesn’t cause any health risks like tennis elbow RSI or repetitive strain injury, and carpal tunnel syndrome. These conditions are often common with people who tend to sit in front of their PCs for long durations of time.

Moreover, the radiation that your PC emits is also a huge health hazard. Therefore, other than any CS GO proper keyboard and mouse position for gaming you also need to pay attention to getting the right gaming chair and managing the time you spend in front of the screen properly.

Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard

Remember that incorrect positioning of your keyboard can cause discomfort. Your keyboard should be at the correct angle and height so that your arms and wrists don’t get negatively affected by it. For that, you need to lower your working surface according to your own level of comfort. This can be done by using an adjustable keyboard or a proper gaming chair that can be raised or lowered accordingly.

Other than that, knee positioning can also aid to your comfort with keyboard hand position while gaming. This implies that your keyboard should at least be 2 to 3 inches above your knees and somewhat close to your belly button so that hitting down on the keys won’t put too much stress on your tendons. In addition, wrist rests can also provide a great way of palm support.

As for the keyboard, set it up at a downward angle that is at a comfortable distance from you. Try to prop your wrist so that they are adjusted at least an inch or two high on the keyboard’s farther side.

Gaming Mouse Position

The position of your gaming mouse should be directly aligned to you in order to avoid one’s self from reaching out frequently. Reaching out frequently can cause strain on not just your wrists but also your arms. Therefore your mouse should also be 2-3 inches on top of your knees just like your keyboard. Moreover, it should be directly aligned to the front of your shoulder so that you can control your mouse from your elbow and not your wrist.

Pc gaming mouse and keyboard placement is not just pivotal to amplify your gaming experience but also to prevent health hazards. Other than these you can need to consider maintaining correct posture, proper sitting conditions and time management in order to make your gaming experience not only comfortable but also productive.


The mouse is designed to be positioned close to the keyboard, with fingers on both hands resting over the keys. This means that when you use a gaming mouse your hand isn’t strained or uncomfortable because it doesn’t have to reach so far for each keystroke. Your wrists are also in a neutral position which can reduce pain and stress associated with incorrect positioning of your arm.

Just as important is how this affects gameplay – using a gaming mouse will make it easier for gamers who need precision movements like aiming at targets from long distances or fast reactions during combat sequences. If you’re looking into purchasing a new computer but are unsure if investing in an expensive peripheral would be worth the cost, remember that there’s more than one way


How to position keyboard and mouse for gaming?

Your gaming keyboard and mouse should be positioned on a surface that is at least two to three inches above your knees. The placement should be around 5cm from the front edge of the desk so that you don’t have to stretch your arms to use either of them. Moreover, the mouse should be placed near the keyboard to provide ease of access.

What angle should your keyboard be at?

Whilst gaming your keyboard should at least be at a 90-degree angle between your elbow and your forearm. Your wrist should be within a natural position without any unusual bends. However, for starters, you should begin by angling your keyboard at a 20 to 30 degrees angle and from there on adjusting according to your own level of comfort.

Should keyboard be flat or raised for gaming?

Your keyboard should be flat for gaming as a raised keyboard may force you to bend your wrist upwards. This may not only be uncomfortable but may eventually cause injuries as well. Your wrists should be bent as little as possible therefore a flat keyboard should be used for gaming and adjusted according to the comfort of your wrists.