Few beginner musicians don’t have resources to fund a new set of the latest music equipment in their industry. Some composers/musicians stick to their old equipment until they probably get a concert that will pay them well enough to buy it. There are also musicians who borrow equipment from there close ones while saving to buy their own.

Unlike in the past, when choices were limited and entry-level units are expensive, midi keyboard controllers these days come in different brands and with a different price range. If you have a budget of 100$ then you are able to buy a perfect controller. Budget is an important factor if you decide to buy a cheap controller it doesn’t mean you get a cheap quality product. Fortunately millions of sites you just land on the right site where you can buy the best midi keyboard under 100$.  

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Top 5 Best Midi Keyboard Under $100 In 2022

Midiplus X2 mini is a functional and effective controller contains a sleek and uncluttered design and a lot of great features. It’s compact, inexpensive, and best budget mini midi keyboard too! Buy this ultra-portable MIDI keyboard 25 key elegant design and a just Plug-and-Play feature – you don’t have to be in your jam room to create those melodies sounds.

It’s equipped with capacitive touch sensors to control degree and modulation and with giving handy feel in your hands. It doesn’t stop you from making those sweet memories.

X2 mini MIDI keyboards which have 25 weighted velocity-sensitive keys that respond firmly or softly during playing the keyboard also transferring that energy to the sound-producing mechanism to allow you to play many different volume levels from soft to loud as you want.

Midiplus MIDI controller connects to your computer via USB. Unlike other midi controllers which are connected VIA midi ports but this controller powered with USB and not need any other supply. Also included four customizable knobs. These knobs are used to change parameters in GarageBand like pan and track volume. Octave select button and 6 Programmable buttons for transport functions are other features that attract the buyer to buy this keyboard.

Beginners on a small budget who need something to create melodies and chords definitely go with this option because it is user and budget-friendly. Overthinking is bad for health don’t think just buy.


  • 25 Velocity-sensitive mini weighted keys
  • Touch Strips for Pitch Bend and Modulation that will allow you to control synths and samplers
  • Octave Up/Down Select Button
  • 4 Programmable knobs
  • 6 Programmable buttons for transport functions
  • 3 mm Jack input for sustain pedal
  • Powered VIA USB
  • Plug and play compatibility with Mac and windows


  • Elegant Sleek Design

  • Knobs rotate smoothly

  • Reasonable price


  • Size of key not comfortable.

This mini grid MIDI controller is a great travel companion due to portablity or for small studio spaces. The reason of  higher selling  the Korg microKEY 25 is its compatibility with the ios. The connection to the iPad via the Apple Camera connection kit, which is not provided, was instant and the unit worked perfectly in every application I tried. You can say that it is also best midi keyboard for logic pro.

The updated version of korg Micro key differs slightly better from its older models. It also has arpeggiator buttons, and the 25’s pitch bend and modulation joystick are sturdy and highly responsive all these make this keyboard valuable addition in the music industry.

Korg microKEY features the 25 velocity-sensitive Natural Touch mini-keyboard for fluent playability. White and blacks keys give you feel of piano and have been adjusted for optimal playability and easy chording.

Includesd Octave Transposition feature to change the pitch of each note without changing the relationships between the notes. This unit is also equipped with a small selection of software, as well as the EZDrummer Lite and the Applied Acoustics Lounge Lizard Session electric piano plug.

MicroKEY25 also contains a download code for the FREE Kong M1Le software, which offers you all the reset sounds and all PCM waveforms of the original M1 and a browser/search function that makes it convenient to find that perfect sound for your work. In highlights it is overall excellent midi board narrower sharp flat keys, USB powered highly `featured mini keyboard helps you to create sweet melodies.


  • 25 Mini secrets with normal touch velocity sensitive keys
  • Arpeggiator that allows the musician to automatically step through a sequence of notes based on the player’s input
  • Pitch-Bend and Modulations joystick
  • Octave shift Up/own button
  • USB powered


  • Plug and play simplicity

  • Reasonable price

  • Pitch Modulation Joystic

  • Nicer Built Quality and extremely portable


The Novation Launchkey 49  is one of the best MIDI keyboards on the market today which gets a big name in the music industry offering superb control and functionality for music producers of all genres and levels. For those who want to a wide range of features in a single keyboard, this is best midi keyboard for ableton.

The Novation launch series is based on professional live and studio musicians, as it provides instant control over your sound and is a quick and convenient way to produce and perform music while using Ableton Live.

This plug play keyboard has 49 full sizes semi-weighted keys made with plastic provide useful feedback. These larger keys and number of keys give you a feel of the piano player. A novation launch key is a lightweight, and sleek elegant designed keyboard MIDI controller is an excellent buy.

There are eight quality knobs to manage mixers of music also include the downshift function. Pads of novation impulse 49 are LED backlit and have some unique services, such as bumps or rolling arpeggio, and create looping samples. Their multicolored feature allows one to tell whether a clip is recording(red), playing(green), or just loaded(yellow).

This midi keyboard also includes eight drum pads, nine sliders, and a few buttons, plus a custom LCD screen and 16 RGB pads. Overall control panel gives you full control of your music every aspect with ease.

Novation Impulse 49 is basically designed to work with all major DAWs, including Fruity Loops Studio, Studio One, Pro Tools and Ableton (which is included with Impulse). It is compatible with Windows, Mac, using Automap software. Automap allows you to monitor how different controls change the performance of music software.


  • MK2 is quickest and easiest way to perform electronic music in Abeleton Live.
  • 49 velocity sensitive synth action keys and 16 RGB backlit pads
  • 8 programmable rotary knobs
  • Octave up/down buttons and track navigation buttons
  • USB powered cable A to B
  • Instant Map to All major daws
  • Pitch bend modulation wheels


  • Nice build Quality

  • Value for money

  • Allows to create a full composition to new rising artist.

LP d8 is tiny mini USB portable pad controller gives you familiar Akai Pro input and control for virtually any software on either a Mac or PC. Akai  LPD 8 is perfect for all kinds of musicians producers djs and other music creators. it’s about the width of a laptop computer and weighs less than a pound which make it super portable. You can easily put in your backpack or laptop suitcase.

In this midi pad controller, you will get 8 velocity-sensitive backlit drum pads for programming beats and melodies or sending program change commands to the software. The LPD 8 also has 8 assignable Qlink knobs you can assign the controls virtually any parameters in the software.

Four memory banks help you to map it for the different programs you use and recall them instantly. Plug and play connectivity to your computer via USB so you won’t need to install software drivers. it’s also bus-powered so you won’t need an additional power cord. LPD eight is the smallest most portable controller from Akai it brings the natural MPC style input controls to your laptop in a super portable format.


  • Eight backlit, drum pads which are velocity sensitive
  • Eight Q-Link knobs for controlling the parameters in software
  • Four Memory Banks
  • USB powered


  • Just Plug and Play

  • Well made and compact

  • USB powered and very responsive


  • There is very little resistance in knobs.

The Akai mini synthesizer offers a compact efficiency that ensures the freedom to compose music for amateur and professional musicians.  25 velocity sensitive mini keys for playing melodies, bass lines, chords. This keyboard is when you press the keys there is a pressure sensitivity sort of like velocity which feels cool.

LPK25 is the ideal “on the go” companion for the journey or studio. This small synthesizer weighs less than half pound, has a resourceful mini keyboard and is durable and ultraportable. It’s only 13 inches, which makes it small enough to pack in a laptop bag next to a laptop.

This synthesizer contains its arpeggiator that automatically makes chord transitions, so the songs are easily created. The system also has four programmable memory banks.

No driver software or power supply is required to use the keyboard; uses a USB that connects to a laptop. The mini synthesizer includes a software editor for a computer or a MAC if buyers do not have one on their computer.


  • 25 velocity Sensitive Keys
  • Dedicated octave up and down buttons
  • On board arpeggiator
  • Compatible with all popular applications including GarageBand, Logic, Sonar, Cubase, Ableton Live, ProTools, etc.
  • USB powered


  • Amazing portability

  • Extremely lightweight

  • Plug and Play


After reading this article, your research may finish of finding cheap but quality midi keyboards. If you are a newbie in the career of music creation, first, you should take start with these affordable range midi keyboards. These midi keyboards are lesser in price, but it doesn’t mean you will not enjoy features.

All the boards reviewed above packed with bundles of features give you a feel of a professional player. You know it is difficult to find classic things under a limited price category. Spending many hours, we find and review the best midi keyboards under 100$. All the boards are incomparable inbuilt quality unmatchable in functionality. Choose the right one according to your need.