Maybe you’re a rapper who is tired of wack producers approaching you with their wack beats. To become successful in music production, a music producer needs a top beat making keyboard to making beats.

You are choosing the right keyboard to create instrumentals not easy because the versatility and reliability of your chosen beat maker keyboard will go a long way in determining the quality of the tracks you create.

Here you read in-depth about best keyboard for make hot beats. These keyboards will help you to make quick beats in your home studio. For most music composer’s midi keyboard is an essential tool for making beats. The boards we reviewed are jammed with a bundle of features that help you produce creative, unique melodies.

Top 5 Best Keyboard For Making Beats In 2022

Alesis V25 is the advanced mini, a midi keyboard that is loaded with full-sized synth-action keys and perfect for using virtual instrument plug-ins and with other many applications. With the velocity-sensitive and large size keys, you get a good feel also contains octave up/down buttons with aftertouch.

In Vmini got four assignable buttons to give you the power to power map any function. I usually like to assign them to like set for the record, or you can set for a play and stop like stuff. For best production, it contains 8 velocity-sensitive backlit pads. The design and layout of the pads are nice and convenient.

On the left of the assignable button, you have pitch modulation wheels that expand the composer’s expressive capabilities. It also includes four assignable knobs buttons for easy control. Alesis V25 is the best portable mini midi keyboard for making beats, especially for those with limited space and in their home studio.

This midi keyboard is a USB plug, and play doesn’t require any software with the V Mini, but it does come with the Xpand! 2 plug-ins from Air Music, which is very expensive if you buy separately.


  • 8 velocity-sensitive backlit pads
  • 4 illuminated, assignable knobs and 4 buttons
  • Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels
  • USB bus-powered and not need external power.
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite 9 Alesis edition.
  • 25 full-sized semi-weighted keys


  • Budget-friendly device

  • Lightweight and very versatile

  • Easily mapped with knobs

  • Made with quality Material


  • Some clients say that the pads need tinkering and double-tap sometimes.

Arturia never tired of setting up excellent sounding software and keyboards. The Arturia KeyLab MkII makes it easy to lay down beats, but it is also an absolute powerhouse that allows you to do much more creatively. Arturia key lab is superior quality stylish looking one the best keyboard to buy for making beats you find in the market.

However, the use of MkII is surprisingly easy and incredible. The keyboard has 49 note midi controllers with aftertouch, which is highly responsive. There are also high-performance 16-speed sensitive RGB backlit touchpads, which also double as navigation buttons.

In terms of quality and design, this controller is one of the hottest keyboards ever seen because the frame is made with metal give you pro sensation also helps you produce serious beating. The other impressive feature that attracts you to buy this midi controller included nine large faders, nine rotary encoders, four CV outputs, five expression control inputs, and a package of killer programs, made by Analog Lab 4.

Best Keyboard For Making Beats Arturia’s massive collection of over 6,500 presets from its entire V collection, hosted in a dedicated application that works as a plug-in or in the standalone and beautifully pre-mapped mode for KeyLab hardware.

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  • Super responsive keyboard action with 49 after touch sensation keys.
  • Good build quality made with Aluminum
  • USB and Midi Connectivity
  • 9 large faders, 9 rotary encoders, 16 RGB backlit pads.
  • Deep software integration and DAW-specific magnetic cover


  • The frame is made with aluminum and extremely well put together.

  • All the faders and controls are good quality

  • There is some software included and USB connectivity.


  • One of our clients said that the travel distance of keys is shorter than expected.

“Akai’s “Professional MPC Live II” ranks top among the best Mechanical Keyboard For Writers and most popular beatmakers on the market, mainly due to it’s small, compact size and low price tag. It is a standalone MPC sampler drum machine midi controller.

The best example of Akai beats MPC Live II offers all that its predecessor includes, as well as a built-in speaker monitoring system. This dual woofer produces clarity to keep your songs flowing through the creative process. Outputs CV/gateway and cache of user-requested functions.

This stand-alone beats maker is small in size, making it ultra-portable. The battery-powered workstation has a 7-inch touchscreen with a touchscreen that complements the 16-pad / speed sensitivity format and range of simplified controls.

MPC Live II runs the MPC 2.0 software platform for complete standalone operation, but you can also connect it to your PC. With Multi MIDI capability, it can easily be at the heart of your MIDI studio. It has a large memory space in this device; you will get 16 GB of internal storage, plus support for external hard disk storage, a full-size SD card slot to increase your memory according to your needs.

USB-A 3.0 for thumb drives. Complemented with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, along with the integration of Splice and Ableton Live.”


  • 16 velocity-sensitive pads
  • Midi Capability allows you to command of all external midi gear
  • A compact standalone DAW that allows you to download from your computer
  • The built-in stereo speaker system
  • 7 high-resolution touch display


  • Nicer built quality

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth offers wireless connectivity

  • Large internal and external space and SD card slot.


  • ILok require to use the software

The Oxygen 25 IV is M-Audio’s bare-bones ultra-portable cheap midi keyboard controller. The M audio oxygen 25 is unique because it supports full-size synth-action keys, with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch sensation, allowing you to get that high-end controller and synth fell and performance with 25 keys.

Probably one of the best keyboards out there is the M-Audio Oxygen 25. Overall, it has great reviews from both amateur and professional musicians. There is nothing difficult to configure. Simply connect, turn on and open the music software on your computer.

It has the same keyboard feel, with easy DAW integration via transport controls and inserts 8 speed-sensitive pads to trigger loops and samples.

8 knobs are assigned for parameter control and dedicated buttons to easily control your DAW without the need to use of keyboard and any other output device. It can be quickly and automatically mapped to the popular DAW software, making it a good MIDI plug-and-play keyboard suitable for both newbies and amateurs.

For convenience and portability, M audio oxygen 25 provides USB-MIDI connectivity. Also, it supports iOS connectivity with the Apple iPad Camera allowing you to make and compose audio apps on iPad and other iOS devices. If you are looking for the best keyboard for making beats for beginner to advance, here it is.


  • 25 full-size synth-action speed-sensitive keys
  • 8 trigger pads for beat production
  • Automatically Automaps to well known DAWs: Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase
  • The LCD screen gives quick parameter feedback
  • USB powered just plug and play


  • A lightweight, compact feel of this keyboard helps you to carry anywhere.

  • Very well built quality

  • Drum pads feel nicer


  • Some of our valuable customers complained the keys are difficult to maneuver because of their small size.

Keylab 49 essential controller is another great experience beat maker. This product combines synth software with a hardware keyboard controller. Duplicate virtual buttons, and sliders. The keyboard itself has navigation facilities.

Analog Factory brings over 6500 legendary sounds from 17 Arturia V collection to this keyboard that every musician wants. It features 49 speed-sensitive keys, and the whole unit itself is extremely light and portable and, with extra USB bus power, makes it a great controller to keep going.

Other breathtaking features include 10 encoders six-button transport section and four commands switches make a super midi keyboard. You can use this keyboard for making hip hop beats also.

Arturia KeyLab Essential is one of the most inexpensive ways to get started with a flexible control keyboard and a high-quality synthetic deep soundbank that can be unlocked later in full plug-in form.


  • Compatible with all well known DAW software.
  • Controllers one-click encoder, nine encoders, 9 30 mm faders, SIX transport switches, Four control switches, one mode wheel, one step bending wheel.
  • 49 velocity-sensitive keys
  • Analog Lab Standalone or plug-in (VST, VST3, AU, AAX) with 6500 sounds
  • Connectivity includes MIDI and USB connections


  • Sliders and knobs have nice built quality

  • Pitch and modulation wheels produce convenience

  • Endless encoders


Buying Guide to Buying The Best Keyboard For Making Beats

If you’re thinking of becoming a musician and wants to produce beats from your own home’s comfort, then a good midi beat keyboard controller is a very important must-have. The controller is an electronic device with piano-style keys with a lot of knobs, buttons, and sliders.

The number of keys and Touch Sensitivity:

The number of keys depends on your need and your talent level. The amount of keys on the keyboard is fairly important. For a general-purpose keyboard, you’ll want at least 25 to 49 keys.

Touch sensitivity means, the harder you press a key, the more the loader hears while playing the piano. Without tactile sensitivity, you can’t add expression and dynamics to your game to require you for a musical premiere.

Price Criteria

Price criteria essentially apply to buy these kinds of keyboards. Budget setting is important before purchasing for buying the best beat producer. The well-known brand M-Audio Akai and Arturia are a little expensive, but good beat producers should not waste your money on cheap brands.

Reviews For Best Keyboard For Making Beats

A human can learn from other humans’ experiences. You should also learn from the other’s experience by reading their review of the product. Read the reviews properly before buying the beat producer midi keyboard. It will quickly help you to make your mind about buy or not. The boards which we choose are the top-rated.


Here is the list of best keyboard for making beats. I hope you will find this article helpful. All the above options reviewed are best in the market and top-rated. If you want to continue your career as a musician and want a stunning beat-making device to choose from above midi keyboards. These keyboards contain unique features. Select the right one according to your need and price range.