Cooler Master is a company that has been creating products since 1992. They are well-known for manufacturing gaming peripherals, cooling systems and power supplies. In recent years they have added keyboards to their product line which have become quite popular among gamers and keyboard enthusiasts alike. This blog post will review the top 3 Cooler Master keyboards on the market today in order of best to worst: the Cooler Master MK750, MK850, and MK730.

A good keyboard is a basic requirement for any computer enthusiast. A nice, comfortable, and ergonomic keyboard will allow the user to type faster and more accurately, as well as prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from occurring.

Having a bad keyboard can be frustrating because it decreases your productivity- not only that but also having a high-quality one can increase your productivity by quite a bit! In this blog post we’ll be going over some of the best keyboards CoolerMaster has to offer in order to help you out with finding one that fits you perfectly. The best keyboards for gaming are not always the most expensive.

Cooler Master has a wide variety of mechanical keyboards, with different switches to fit every preference. Whether you want clicky Blue switches or silent Red ones, there’s something in this line-up for everyone. The best Cooler master keyboards might be the most important part of your gaming gear.

If you’re looking to get a new keyboard, then check out our list below and see which is right for you! We’ve provided options that are both wired and wireless, as well as ones that have full RGB lighting. So sit back and enjoy this list of the top six coolest cooler master keyboards on the market today!

Cooler Master’s MasterKeys Pro L RGB mechanical keyboard is the definitive choice for serious gamers. An impressive range of features, options and technologies come together to deliver unrivaled performance, durability, lighting and convenience. The MasterKeys Pro L RGB is available with your choice of Cherry MX switches – Red, Blue or Brown – each offering a different feel and sound with every keystroke. The keyboard also comes with 100% anti-ghosting technology for flawless performance no matter how fast you play.

The RGB backlighting across a four-zone dynamic lighting zone. The illumination is easily controlled via the dedicated keyboard driver as well as on-the-fly with the Pro L RGB’s function key setup. Choose from a set of different light effects, or increase their intensity via the intuitive lighting dashboard. Additional functions such as disabling certain keys, activating Win Lock and switching between 6-key and N-key rollover are all accessible via the keyboard’s function keys.

It is made of the finest materials, confirming Cooler Master’s reputation for creating aggressive designs without sacrificing usability. There’s an aluminum top panel for extra strength, as well as durable PBT plastic. The MasterKeys Pro L RGB is built to last and built for gaming, with a minimal footprint designed to keep you focused on the game at all times.

The keyboard’s internal specs are just as impressive as its surface. It features a 32-bit ARM Cortex Processor that allows multi-function controls, making programming macro keys and setting up custom profiles easier than ever. Additionally, the MasterKeys Pro L RGB has 512KB of on-board memory, allowing you to instantly record lighting and key settings without needing special software or drivers.

The keyboard is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista (Windows)/Mac OS X via USB. It can be connected wirelessly to other devices via Bluetooth 4.0, and also supports Cooler Master’s exclusive CMD technology. Available in Red, Blue and Brown Cherry MX switches – the MasterKeys Pro L RGB is entirely programmable to match your play style or suit any occasion. The possibilities are endless, with multiple layers of actions that can be carried out on command.


  • RGB lightening

  • Multiple lighting modes

  • Profile support

  • 100% anti ghosting

  • CHERRY MAX switches


Cooler Master’s latest addition to the MasterSet series is a combination of sleek design and ultimate performance. With a clean, floating key design, this keyboard provides a more responsive typing experience than membrane keyboards. The Mem-chanical switches deliver faster response times and are more durable than membrane switches.

The MS110 also features RGB lighting with on-board control for adjusting the brightness or color of each individual key without having to install bloated software that only serves to slow your computer down. The optical sensor is adjustable from 400 DPI to 3200 DPI, and can be adjusted on-the-fly via a switch. Also included is the MM830 laser gaming mouse with adjustable DPI settings from 200 to 3200 as well as three color variation LED’s (red, green and blue).

The keycaps are made of translucent ABS plastic allowing for even brighter LED lighting underneath, and are designed for minimal resistance while typing. To top it all off, Cooler Master has included a detachable micro-USB cable for connecting to your laptop or desktop, as well as a wired USB pass-through so you can connect another peripheral. The MasterSet MS110 gaming combo is the perfect choice for anyone looking to game on their laptop or desktop without taking up room, or spending big bucks on a pre-built gaming PC.

Mem-chanical switches with 45g actuation force deliver responsive typing with each press, and last up to 50 million keystrokes. Adjustable RGB lighting for individual key customization without software.


  • Floating key design

  • Mem- chemical switches

  • Ergonomic shape

  • RGB lightning

  • Gaming grade optical sensor

  • Linear switches


  • LED colors do not stay the same

The Cooler Master CK530 V2 is a tenkeyless (TKL) mechanical gaming keyboard with a sleek, modern design that features a floating keycap design which gives you complete visibility in any gaming environment. Each key can be customized to your liking with its own unique backlighting color, making it perfect for LAN parties.

With RGB backlighting and durable, high quality Cherry MX switches. Cherry MX switches rated for 50 million+ keypresses and low-friction, cloth-wrapped keys that provide you with the most comfortable gaming experience possible.

A full range of media controls, dedicated volume knob, and Windows Lock function gives you complete control over your music and videos without ever having to leave the game. It’s designed to provide an immersive typing experience while still being compact enough for on-the-go use.

It features per key RGB lighting with multiple lighting modes and effects to highlight all your dominating killstreaks. The brushed aluminum design provides a sleek look while the floating keycaps keep it lightweight and portable. Tenkeyless compact design brings the feel of a full sized keyboard without sacrificing portability.

It has an integrated volume wheel and media keys so that there’s no need to reach around the backside of your keyboard to change track or adjust volume mid-game. It also has 100% Full RGB lighting to match your setup with 16 million color options.


  • RGB backlighting

  • Brushed aluminum design

  • On the fly software control

  • Wrist rest

  • Portable format

  • Mechanical switches

Gamers looking for a high quality, value-for-money gaming keyboard that offers great performance and unique aesthetics. Cooler Master, a worldwide leader in manufacturing CPU coolers, computer cases and peripherals has announced the launch of its latest mechanical gaming keyboard, the SK650. It is an entry-level tenkeyless (TKL) mechanical gaming keyboard that comes with all the essentials to deliver a great typing experience.

It is a fully mechanical keyboard that features Cherry MX switches. It has an aluminum alloy top plate and ABS double shot keycaps for durability. The floating keycap design reduces the force needed to press keys, making it more comfortable for typing. Each switch has gold-plated contacts, which improve connectivity between the switch and the PCB. This keyboard also features per-key backlighting with four brightness levels and five modes including wave, breathing, Raindrop, Reactive and Starlight.

Removable wrist rest provides extra comfort during those long gaming sessions while USB pass-through port lets you connect your mouse or other USB devices without having to take up any of your valuable ports. The SK650 is ideal for all kinds of typing tasks, not just gaming.

The durable steel back plate ensures stability and durability while typing or gaming. Super-solid design with high-quality brass weight delivers a comfortable feel you’ll love. And it’s all protected by the solid one-piece aluminum frame, so your keyboard can handle whatever you dish out during intense gaming sessions.


  • Two keycap sets

  • Cherry MX switches

  • Brushed aluminum design

  • On-the-fly controls

  • Macros with no software necessary


  • Keycaps are hard to pick apart

The Cooler Master MK730 is a fully mechanical, tenkeyless gaming keyboard with genuine Cherry MX switches that deliver smooth, linear key response for ultra-fast double and triple taps without the audible click. The brushed aluminum structure provides rugged durability while remaining lightweight to allow your fingers to move quickly from key to key during intense gaming sessions.

The floating-style keys are contoured and textured to keep you in control even in the most frantic gaming situations. A removable magnetic wrist rest helps you find your ideal hand position during marathon gaming sessions. Customizable key lighting lets you choose from up to 16.7 million colors for virtually unlimited game customization. The MK730’s lightweight, minimalistic design makes transporting your keyboard easy and hassle-free while its braided cable ensures it can withstand the abuse of intense gaming action.

The MK710 is compatible with the new Cooler Master firmware that enables you to record macros and customize keyboard settings for all your games and other software. It has full control of lighting effects, macros and profiles without the need of any software.

On-the-fly adjustment of settings is possible with six dedicated function keys that can be programmed using Cooler Master’s exclusive CM Storm QuickFire software. The keyboard is also fully compatible with the Cooler Master Unified Driver System, allowing users to seamlessly switch between different devices with one driver.

A detachable cable system allows for easy transportation and storage of the MK730 whether you’re at home or on-the-go. The braided nylon fiber and gold plated connectors ensure optimal signal quality and maximum durability. Cooler Master has also included a pick and place mouse cable holder to complement the MK730’s mobility.


  • Cherry MX switches

  • Burshed aluminum

  • Removable magnetic wrist

  • 6 key and N key rollover

  • Detachable braided USB cable


Best Cooler Master Keyboards – Buying Guide

A guide to buying the best keyboards for your money. The keyboard is an important part of a computer setup and has changed tremendously over time. Cooler Master Keyboards are a great way to get the most out of your computer. There are many different types that you can purchase for a variety of purposes, and they each have their own specifications. This buying guide will help you figure out which one is right for you so that it fits your needs and budget.

Cooler Master Keyboards are a great way to get the most out of your computer. There are many different types that you can purchase for a variety of purposes, and they each have their own specifications. This buying guide will help you figure out which one is right for you so that it fits your needs and budget.

The first thing to consider is the purpose of your purchase. Do you want to use this for gaming, or for business? Would you like it to have backlight, or perhaps something that’s compact and portable? Use these questions as a gide when buying one of Cooler Master Keyboards .


Do you prefer making less noise when typing? Cooler Master Keyboards like the M185 or K380 are ideal if you don’t want to disturb others. They have low-profile switches which make it easy to type without making an excessive amount of noise.


Do you want something that is compact and portable, but without sacrificing quality? The QuickFire Rapid keyboards come equipped with ultra-portable options. They are durable, easy to transport, and don’t take much space on your desk.

Anti ghosting:

Do you mostly use your machine for gaming? It’s important that these types of Cooler Master Keyboards have anti-ghosting technology so that every key press registers properly. The QuickFire Stealth is one such option that has this, as does the M800 which is a full-size keyboard with RGB LED lighting.

Cooler Master Keyboards are designed to last for a long time, but it’s important that you take care of yours so they don’t break down. Keep your hands off the keycaps and use an appropriate amount of force when typing.


Do you want backlight with your keyboard? The QuickFire XTi or Rapid-i are keyboards that have LED lighting. They are slim, durable, and have great anti-ghosting hardware so every key press is registered. It’s important to note that these Cooler Master Keyboards aren’t meant for people who do a lot of traveling since they are rather bulky.


Do you want a keyboard that is completely unbranded so all of the attention goes to your machine? A good choice is the QuickFire TK because it’s thin, lightweight, and has anti-ghosting hardware so you can type or game with all of the keys. The only con is that it doesn’t come with LED backlighting or macro keys.


Do you need something that is durable? The QuickFire XT has Cherry switches which are long-lasting and reliable, making it a great option for people who want their keyboard to last them for years. It comes equipped with anti-ghosting hardware, is incredibly durable, and even has a wrist rest.


Do you want macros? The QuickFire Rapid-I is an excellent choice if so since it comes equipped with easy access to multimedia controls as well as 15 programmable macro keys. It’s durable, doesn’t weigh too much, and has LED backlighting which makes it ideal for playing games in low light settings.


Do you want something that comes with multimedia controls? If so, look no further than the QuickFire Rapid-i. This is more expensive than other Cooler Master Keyboards on the market, but it’s worth it because it has a volume wheel, mute button, and dedicated media buttons. The backlight can also be turned off or on, and it has Cherry MX keys that are responsive.


If you’re looking for a keyboard that will last the test of time and is appropriate for any gamer, Cooler Master has your answer. It is a company that has been in the peripherals business for over 25 years. It’s so much more than just keyboards, though.

Cases, power supplies and cooling devices are also available from this well-known brand. We’ve compiled some of their best products below to help you find your perfect match – no matter what PC build you have planned!  What do our experts recommend? Check out these 5 great options if you’re looking for something new or want to upgrade an older keyboard. You won’t regret it!

The Cooler Master CK530 V2 Tenkeyless keyboard is designed with the gamer in mind. With its ergonomic design, it’s easy to find a comfortable position for your hands while you’re gaming or typing up an essay. This mechanical keyboard has all of the features that gamers need and want without any unnecessary bells or whistles.

It also comes at a surprisingly affordable price point considering what else is available on the market today! So if you’re looking for one of the best keyboards to buy this year, make sure to check out our list before making your final decision!


Is Cooler Master good for keyboards?

If you want a durable keyboard, Cooler Master is great. However, if you have an sensitive sense of touch or are looking for the stiff feedback that typists adore, Cooler Master won’t get you where you need to be. This means that it’s best for mechanical keyboards with clicky keys.

Great responsive typing experience thanks to its anti-ghosting key switch optimization and tactile bump feedback no matter how fast your fingertips dance over the keys.

Is Cooler Master better than Razer?

Cooler Master is a great company and they produce high-quality gaming products, but unfortunately, we can’t answer whether they’re better than Razer.

Razer only has one product line, whereas Cooler Master produces many different computer cases and power supplies. There’s no way to compare the two companies because their products are so different from each other.

Is Cooler Master CK550 good?

The CK550 is a good keyboard for the money. It has some worthwhile features, including NKRO on USB and fast key response.

The CK550 isn’t without its flaws though. To start, it’s missing on Windows shortcuts, meaning that you have to bring up your on-screen keyboard if you need function keys or playback control buttons. This is an unfortunate oversight given the number of computers coming with SSDs rather than traditional hard drives now where many are likely to miss this feature.